dizzy upgrades


Forgive me for not paying attention but what dist can a person use in the early small ford 6?

I know that later blocks (larger dist shaft) can upgrade to a '68 (or later with dual mech vac advance) for petronix upgrade or the DII. But I forgot to pay attention to what the older blocks could use when the owner upgrades to a newer carb. (one without the special vacuum advance circuit)

Howdy Ron:

You didn't say what year, engine size or carb. That would be helpful information.

If you have the early block with the small hole in the block and smaller distributor drive, you can upgrade by boring out the hole in the block and modify the distributor drive shaft to accept a later distributor. This is best done when the engine is completly apart.

Or you can adapt the innerds from a '68-'72 distributor to your early one to add centrifugal advance. This is not easy. Then add electronic with a Petronix kit. We are looking into this swap.

Or you can simply add a Petronix to your stock distributor and make sure that the vacuum advance is working as designed. The Load-a-matic carb/distributor system wasn't used until '63 with the addition of the Autolite 1100 one barrel carb. Earlier years used a Holley one barrel with a straight manifold vacuum source. Also add as much initial advance as your situation will allow.

Mallory distributors may be an option, I don't know. They are pricey. Check with Clifford's on availability and price.

Adios, David
I didnt say year because I dont have anything with a small 6 older then '67. But I have seen a nice '61 (coulda been '62) Ranchero around that was for sale. But when I look at the older ones I wonder how much work it would be to bring it up to spec if it is in running condition or if it would be a easier/cheaper just to swap a newer 200/250. And I would much rather have facts now while "window shopping" for my next ride then to buy one, then ask and find out it is very difficult or impossible..

thanks for the info
Guy, guys, guys...

Just buy a distributor out of an '82 Aussie Falcon. Get the coil, too. Cheap and cheerful. :D

See ya.
addo":1bfltoja said:
Guy, guys, guys...

Just buy a distributor out of an '82 Aussie Falcon. Get the coil, too. Cheap and cheerful. :D

See ya.

Actually I worry about using "exotic" parts that were either rare, unique, or just plain hard to get. Same reason I prefer a standard Coupe to a Shelby (price matters too)
My current DSII setup uses a GM HEI module cause they are cheap, and easily found at any parts store. But have no qualms about mixing and matching pre-existing easy to find parts.

However if I run across an '82 Falcon when out at the salvage yard I will be sure to snatch the dizz..

My 60 & 61 Holleys have ported vacuum with a spark valve that contols the mixing of the 2 vacuum sources in the throat of the carb. The 60, 61, & 63 distributors that I have look identical. They all have no centrifical advance and do have 2 springs with adjusters to set the ignition curve of the vacuum advance, ( if you dare or are crazy enough to try). I have heard that because the distributor cap is smaller on the early distributors, you can't use the high output coils or you risk having the spark jump inside the cap to the next cylinder which is just starting it's compression stroke.

Hopefully after next summer, I will have all the bugs out my project car that I started in the summer of 2000. The car had been sitting for 29 years with a locked up engine. I'm still far from an expert on the early six, but I sure have learned alot from this bulletin board. I think that once I get the stock setup working properly, I'll pull it, wrap it up, and look for a 200 and t-5 setup to have a little fun with. I think that will happen before I'm too old to drive. Adding a clutch sounds like a job I'ld never finish. Maybe a C4 will have to do.