donor car



need some input on 80's grenada as donor car for 65 ranchero update
would like to use engine, trans and running gear. How much trouble what will work ect Thanks. ;) ;)
what engin/trans does the granda have and what engin/trans does the ranchero have we`ll have to know that befor we can give you a clear anser
The big problem is that the 80's grenadas are Fox bodied cars and have strut front suspensions and 4 link rears. You *could* use it all. Fat Man Fabrications makes a strut conversion kit for the early Mustangs and Falcons. And if you have access to a welder you can put spring perches on the rearend. However this will be the smaller 4 bolt pattern (4 on 4.25 " vs the later 4 on 4.5") so your stock rims wont work and the fatman kit is spendy.

If the engine/trans is the same type as you already have in your '65 small 6 with auto trans, it will be drop in ordeal. If it is different C3/C5/FMX (I dont know when they were used) you may have to do some modifying on the driveline, linkages, hose routing.

anything can be done with the right amount of time and money
Not sure about the trans other than its an auto the motor is a 250
the wheels are 5 lug the 65 Ranchero has a 200 3 spd and it has been sub framed from the firewall to the rear of the bed and floor pan has been fabricated also
Then it's not an '80s model. The '70s Granadas had 5 lug wheels. You can use the engine, tranny, rear end, and front spindles. You could possibly also use the front springs but it will ride higher. And perhaps the gas cap.

Doing this to mine right now.
you`ll have to get 250 engin mounts the 200 ones won`t work