Dual Advance Distributor Swap



Hi Guys :)
Just a quick question. Is there a simple dual advance "points" distributor that will drop in to replace the evil loadomatic and eliminate the manifold/venturi advance combination. I would like to go to vacumn advance for idle with centrifical advance for increased RPMs. Really don't want the duraspark just yet. I plan to plug the carb vacumn sources and pull straight manifold vac.

If any other points distributors will work, please let me know the year and car model. Right now I want to keep things simple.

Thanks allot - you guys are great.
Bill : :D
Howdy Bill B:

You're looking for the distributor from a 1968 to about 1972. It is a point type with both centrifugal and vacuum advance. Some of the advance cannisters used a dual valcuum advance/retard system. For your purposes, I'd avoid those. Just look for a single advance cannister and use a manifold vacuum source.

This distributor will not fit into the block of early 1964 200s.

Be sure to remove and plug the Spark Control Valve in your 1100 Autolite carb.

Adios, David
Hi David

Thanks for the tip. Picked up a 68-73 single vac/ centrifical advance distibutor today for $40 rebuilt. I have a pertronics unit I also plan to drop in. It would seem that this combination would be as good as the dura-spark. Also, by carrying the old points in the trunk, you have a back up to the electronics. All this for a little over $100.

Advance at idle and total advance would be controllable and the hot spark of electronics is available. Unless your building a very hot street engine, is the dura-spark really any better. It seems allot of the guys are having problems with that setup. Just curious. :p

Thanks for all the input you provide to this forum.
Howdy back Bill:

IMHO, I think the DSII has several advantages over the earlier, point type distributor- even with the Petronix Ignitor. Your set up will certainly be better then the Load-A-Matic distributor.

The DSII has been very reliable for us. And that's using junk yard jewels and modules. I did buy a new module, just in case, but it's still in the garage.

"Steve" has extolled to virture of the "New" Petronix Ignitor II, as a major upgrade over the original Ignitor. I have not tried so, can't say. Steve had the details down. The Ignitor may be a slightly simpler install, and maintains a stock appearance.

I'd also get the Petronix coil and new, spiro-core type plug wires to complete the system, IIWY.

Adios, David