dual vac distibutor



I have a dual vac on my distributor. I have learned on these forums that one is retard and one is advance. The retard is plugged as it was when I got the car. It was said that this would probably be ok. If I were to hook it back up where do I get the vac line? Do you just split the advance pipe?
I would check your book for the circuit on how to hook it up. If I remember correctly it is part of what could be called a cold start circuit and is also used to adjust the vacuum advance if the system begins to over heat. If you were to use the circuit properly you would have to install a thermal activated vacuum tree (Ported Vacuum Switch) at the head or the neck of the top radiator hose. This circuit sometimes included a Deceleration Valve. The Decel. valve was suppose to advance the timing to burn all the extra fuel dumped down the throat of the carb when you coast down hill in gear.

The idea behind this circuit I think is valid, but unless the system is maintained it’s just one more thing to go wrong. If you’re up to the challenge for low emissions and mileage go for it. I can’t imagine it will hurt your performance as long as everything is adjusted correctly.

Good luck, Ric.