Engine Rebuild



Hi All,
I'm getting my 65 stang tomorrow and ,needless to say, I'm excited. It’s being towed to my house tomorrow morning. So on that note I have a question. I was planning on pulling the engine for a complete rebuild (since I don’t think this car has ran since the 80's) and I was wondering if someone could generalize the steps I need to take to perform this task. I have never done this before but I hope with plenty of patients it wont be that hard. Thanks a lot.

:) i would need a little more info...engine c.i.d., p.b., ac, trans...frank..
The best advise I can give is buy or check out some books from your library on Ford engine rebuilding (even for V8s) to give yourself an idea of what steps will be involved.

And check out this handbook by David & Dennis Schjeldahl (members of this forum)
Get a shop manual. The resources mentioned above are all good but at some point your going to need a good shop manual. That would be my first step. Get my hands on a good shop manual.

Welcome! And I can completely understand your feelings of excitement! I got my Stang just a few months ago.

As hindle_az said, get you a GOOD shop manual. The shop manual by Chilton is one of the best. It goes into pretty good detail on repairing and maintaining the inline six cylinder Mustang.

But a few words of warning. It may be discouraging at times BUT STICK WITH IT! Plus, these guys here know much more about Ford automobiles that where produced in the sixties and seventies then you could possibly imagine!

Hey - when you can, gives us some feedback as to what you think you want to do first. This way some of us can help you along the way. Maybe starting with an engine rebuild like you mentioned. This is what I did first. I thought it would be easier to bring the car up to a good running condition and then start the modifications. You be surprised how easy it is to...get inline.


Has the idea of just trying to get it running before you do a tear down? When I purchased my 68 in Wyoming the car had been stored in the barn for close to 15 years and the owner could not tell me the last time it had run. A Battery, oil change, plugs, and wires and the car started up. It didn't run real well but a lot of cleaning and a couple of parts later it ran like a top. Of course I have since then torn the motor down rebuilt it but it might just surprise you.

Good luck
welcome to my sickness. :p
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