epoxy on intake...

I was thinking about our inlines (small six fyi) and what would be wrong with using some of that high temp epoxy putty to build up a flange for a intake? or maybe just use to bond on a steel flange? I konw some of that stuff is used in heads when you port too far. or could you have a flange with no lower port area (a bunch of arches basicly) and pin it on the existing runners then seal the gap with epoxy and have a custom intake made? so would epoxy putty even work for this or would heat cycling kill it in a year or so of regular driving?

Hi Nick,

I've been thinking along those same lines for a little while.
There are several companies that produce epoxies that are more than durable enough for the job. One company is Cotronics (they'r on the web) that produces an adhesive that can handle 800 degrees F and is very strong.

I think if you were to cut the log off and leave at least one inch, you could dress up the stub and have a good surface to attach a flange that has stubs that are a little over size. You would then lay the flange on a table (coated with a release agent or wax paper) and set the head stubs into the flange. I think that I would coat the head stubs with epoxy first instead of trying to pour the epoxy around them.
Brace the head in this position untill cured. Now you will be able to port the head with out worrying about getting the head stubs to thin, as the epoxy and the flange stubs will support them.

What did you have in mind for an intake manifold?
The dual 2 barrel manifold that was posted for the 300 would be a good one to copy in the 200 size. It would be easy to weld up and give exellent performance. Perhaps with a pair of Holley Weber carbs would be good, that is if the manifold has a split plenum allowing the torque curve to come on a bit sooner allowing better low end torque.

Just My 2 cents,
8) the head porters used to use high temp epoxy when they modified intake and exhaust ports for racing. in fact it is still used to repair ports when the porter goes too far.
I've thought about doing something like that also. I think the epoxy would hold up alright if the manifold was braced so its not holding all the weight. I was going to try to adapt the AMC/Jeep four Bbl manifold because it uses the same valve/port arangement and I like the idea of a single four barrel. But whatever manifold you chose I'd say its worth a try.

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There are several ways to shop fab an intake manifold even for EFI. No real need to adapt something alien. An alum/ EFI manifold would be best because of low wt. vs alum/ carb or steel/ carb. The problem is not the manifold but being able to bolt the manifold to the head.

If and when someone comes up with a way to do it then all SBF-6 who want a removable intake need to go to the same method/ bolt pattern to make it worth while to make intakes.
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All kidding aside, I have a hard time believing that no one has ever marketed an intake system like the one we just discribed. It would be fairly simple to install, good looking, and very effective.
Maybe it was that the epoxies were not available untill recently.

BTY: You wouldn't have to worry about renforcing the manifold. With a temp rateing of 500 degrees and a tensile strength of 16000psi you would rip the head in half before those little one inch stubs pulled off.


When you say AMC/Jeep four barrel manifold, which one is that (newbie question)?

This is something I think I might try on the spare 200 head I have in the basement :eek:

A also have a couple of 4 barrels collecting dust that are just DYING to be used :eek: :eek: :eek:
what about a offy style setup? bore several holes in the side of a log and clamp /epoxy on a plenum with a 4bbl or 2300 series flange?

well I guess I should point out that I am just tossing ideas around here..


Clifford sells 4bbl Jeep manifolds and Offy made them at one time also. I see them on ebay quite often.