flat head pistons from Ford Tempo?


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Hi guys,

this might have been asked several times, but is it possible to install
flathead pistons from a 2.3L Ford Tempo in a 200ci?
If not, which ones do fit?
What will happen to valve clearance, compression?
I'm planning to go Aussie 2V.
What fuel should I run?


8) 2.3l HSC pistons for the Tempo 2.3L HSC motor. They should be a drop in but they do raise compression due to afct theat they are flattop pistons instead of the stock dished pistons.

In my '80 Stang the 200 has a CR of 8.5:1. It is a good jump to go to 9.0:1 or 9.5:1CR. Not the rule but generally speaking raising the CR one point is equal to 10hp.
Anlushac11, thanks and sorry for the late reply.

What you're saying is that valve clearance is not a problem, right?
Cool, I'll get me a set of those.
They don't have pistons with raised heads by any chance? :shock: ;)