Flathead Six/223/262



Is the Flathead Six bellhousing pattern the same as the Flathead V8?

Is the 223 and 262 the same bellhousing pattern, and are they unique compared to the other Ford Sixes?
Not sure, but I know that the 215/223/262 share parts with the Y-block V8s. May be wrong (usually am) but I think they shared bellhousings. Don't know about the 226/254 flathead 6, but I do belive that they & the v8s had the same bellhousing. Take care,
Howdy fordblue, I know that the flathead V8,215through262 six,and late 240-300 all have different bells, can't tell you if the flathead-six matches anything as I have never owned one. Also the Y-block V-8 and 215-262 six bells of the same era are different as well. What kind of project are you considering? There are lots of oem parts that can be used different ways to make a neat project, especially in trucks...
The 215/223/262 bellhousing looks like the flathead V8, but the starter's on the opposite side. What are your plans for this engine, and what's it going in? :unsure::