200ci Ford Mustang 200 Engine Rebuild Videos by "echo1955"!

This applies only to 200ci
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By request I have posted site member "echo1955" Video's on rebuilding his Ford 200 Six, that I could find all in one handy resource. Roy Permenter did an excellent job on making these Video's and they are a great resource for anyone that's repairing, rebuilding a stock, or building up a mild performance version of one these small Ford Six'es (144, 170, 200, or 250) engines. You can with this info do your small six right the first time without making some of the common mistakes :shock: . These Videos are for "Info and Education only and this post is locked so you will need to post engine build questions in the regular Small Six Forum or in the case that there are any corrections needed PM me. Many of these Video's were posted by "echo1955" on the Ford six site and can also be found in postings from his journey to restore his 1965 Mustang see link


I also have updated this sorce too, adding the last few video's after part V that I found searching the Internet. I hope you enjoy all of them as much as I do. Good luck on your Ford Six engine rebuild. :nod:

I think These are all of echo's Video's so far, I also don't think he had posted all of them on the Ford Six site these were only posted up to part V. His last one was posted on youtube on 12/31/2014. On Jul 31, 2011. In his response to one of his you tube videos.

"Roger your last whataburgerchicken… what an interesting handle…

I am almost finished with my rebuild… I need to put the headers back on then finish putting the front end back on..

I have run in to some health issues for the moment that has restricted my time and money.l

Stay tuned tho… more will come soon… Take care.."

So looks like he was not feeling well. Best wishes echo 1955 and get well soon! :nod:

Edited, I updated and fixed some of the broken Video links so they all work again on 11/17/2017. You will notice that there is a long time between Part VII and Part VIIII Roy stated he had some health issues this also correlates to the time of his last post here on the Ford Six site. This Heath issue is part of the reason that he had put his Mustang build up on hold for a couple of years and was hoping to get back to finishing the final assembly of his 200 engine by end of 2013. He had another Video shot and was ready to do its final editing when his external hardrive took a dump it covered all the rest of the assembly and up to his new 200 engines break in. So he had it runing about 4 years ago, his last post on his Mustang Fastback restoration and 200 engine build was posted about 2 years ago. :beer: Here's hopping that Roy is enjoying driving around in his restored Mustang in good Health, and Congrats echo1955 for your perseverance on finishing your Mustang Fastback 200 engine build even with your serious Heath issues! (y) :nod:

Rebuild Mustang 200 Part I 1/04/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part II 2/20/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part III Find TDC 5/09/2011
https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=rel ... bUeLAp6XaI

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part IV Degree cam 5/19/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part V 7/09/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part VI 9/19/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part VII 7/31/2011

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part VIII Roy had this Video almost ready to post it covered much more up to the engine brake in, it's lost for now due to a hard drive failure. Aproxamate time line this happened was about 4 years ago in Nov of 2013

Mustang 200 Rebuild Part VIIII The Tri-Carb Installed on a late model head replacing his early head. 12/26/2014


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