Gas mileage on a fairmont 200



Hi, I am a teenager that's planning to take out a 200 I-6 from a '78 fairmont sw (97 000 km) and put it in a triumph GT6, spitfire, or TR6. I am also planning to do some performance mods like a tri-carb setup... Because of rising gas prices I am wondering how much gas this engine would guzzle or sip in a 1500 lbs car... looking forward for some input

how much does this engine weigh?
The Triumph Vitesse six is a fairly compact engine, but still heavier than a 200. You can probably make a 200 fit, along with a suitable transmission.

But in this case, you might be losing performance. The 2 liter GT6 version and the 2.5 liter TR6 version are both capable of pretty good performance. The carb and exhaust selections are better too.

If you want to stuff a 200 into a 1200 lb car, you can look here at what I'm doing with a Lotus 7 look-a-like. What you see is about $125 of tubing and 3 lbs of MIG wire.
ya but if I have a 200 with a tri-carb it should be adequate for my needs I am just concerned with the weight of the 200 engine thats what I need to find out but I can't seem to. The weight factor is why I was looking at bop 3.5 liter aluminum V8, but I am still concerned with gas mileage so can anyone tell what kind of mileage they have with their 200?
In normal use a 200 will knock down 16-18 mpg in town and maybe 22 or a bit more on the road. Carbed engines are not very efficient. In a very light car, it might get more.

If fuel economy is a major consideration and the Spitfire/GT6 is your platform of choice, the 2.8/3.4 EFI GM with a T-5 is a better choice and a better fit. Triple carb 200's are not known for fuel economy.

Have you seen ?
8) i have been averaging 21 mpg with my falcon which weighs about 1100lbs more than the car you car planning, so, depending on mods, figure about 25-27 mpg with proper runing and driving.
thanks for the help guys!

I'll stick with the I6 because thats what I want to build m y car around

oh yeah, MustangSix, I've been going to that site for a while and thats where I thought of getting a BOP V8 instead...
but the six is one of the smoothest running engines I've heard...
sometime the engine was so silent that I had thought it stalled but esurely enough with a little press of the accelerator it proved me wrong
I believe the 200-6 is physically larger than the Triumph 6, although I never bothered to measure mine. The 6 is a tight fit in a GT-6 engine bay, and not too spacious in the TR-6 bay. You need the 'power bulge' of the GT-6 bonnet (hood) to fit the 6; a Spitfire hood won't close over the GT-6 engine. The TR-6 engine and GT-6 engine share the same block, the 2.5 litre was a stroker 2.0 (originally a Vitesse 1.6 IIRC).
I used to specialize in Spitfires and GT-6s (and had a Spitfire-6 which I miss greatly...and my dad still has not been forgiven for selling the wreckage while I was at sea).
The downdraft carbs will add more height to the engine as well, so you may need to find a way to increase clearance; again, I don't have comparative measurements so I have no idea by how much.
Bear in mind that people have stuffed Jag V-12s (just cut the nose apart and let the front cylinders stick out!) and small block V-8 engines in these, so anything is possibel; IIRC most of the conversions used hood scoops for clearance.
I had actually started making CAD drawings of the Spitfire frame as I had wanted to try fitting a modern engine in one; I was considering a Nissan 300ZX for a while but they're quite heavy and I was afraid handling might suffer, the poor little things understeer as it is (until the rear axles 'jack up', anyway). An RX-7 was another thought.
If you must add power be sure to tame the rear suspension--A 'rotoflex' GT-6 rear with the lower wishbones is recommended, or at the very least a MK.3 GT-6 or Mk.4 or 1500 Spitfire (both post-1970) with the 'free' rear spring.
Good luck! If this fits well, then maybe a crossflow with triple webers is in my to find another Spitfire...
Hey gagsta!
I hope I didn't scare you off. I'm trying to find my old CAD stuff.
My point wasn't that I don't think the swap will work, it was that you'll need to do some careful measuring and engineering to make everything fit.
You will have an awesome car when it's done, I've been looking at a similar setup for a while and if only I still had my Spitfire I'd probably have something done by now...
I'll post if I find my CAD drawings.
this what I want to stuff the six into...
I hope the bumps give it the clearance