Got my newer 200 head

Thanks for getting this fantastic board back up.

Well I got my new 78 200 head and am loking forward to getting all the pieces to put the weber 2 barrel on along with my headers for my 64 Econoline PU. My question has to do with the rocker arm and push rods. I remember someone saying that you should mill the head .06 to maintain the compression ratio of the old head and the best way to do that is use the adjustable rocker arm assembly from an early solid lifter motor. To go along with that you must use the bowl shaped push rods. Is it nessassary to shave the head in the first place? There is no adjustment on a hydrolic cam assembly correct?? Are the metal head gaskets available from anyplace??

Thanks again for all the help in the past as well as the excellent reading.

I will feild a couple of these
It is neccassary to mill the head if you want to maintain the factory CR or improve upon it. If you dont care about performance, then dont worry about it. You will need to find the compressed thickness of your new headgasket and the CC size of your old head, and new head to determine how much YOU need to mill from the new head. I wouldnt recommend just random milling to any engine part without measuring first.

There is/was a user on here named MarkP that was selling OE headgaskets, and you may be able to find other members that have them for sale also.

Some people have shimmed the rocker assembly but I dont know how good of a fix that is. They had small spacers machined to fit under the rocker arm assembly pedastals.

hope this helps