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Heh everyone, I just got a holley/weber mopar jet kit. It is in metric #'s, anyone know what the corresponding thousands are? I need to try a 180 in the secondary and I am not sure which # corresponds to it. Someone had their jet sizes listed here once in metric, but I think that was wiped out.
heya 63,
from one of your other posts somebody linked to a site that talks about jet conversions.
toward the bottom of the message there is a link to a page with this chart that compares flow rates to jet sizes
webpage":1irrwa31 said:
Early Holley and Weber/Solex jets are marked for orifice size in millimeters, while newer Holley jets are marked for flow rate in cm³/minute at 50bar. You can't always tell the difference between the old & new ones.
The chart below shows the relationship between jet size and flow rate. i.e: a new Holley jet marked 250 would flow approximately the same as an old one marked 135


Thanks Ron, I knew I had seen it somewhere. I tried a search this morning for any holley weber 5200 posts, but unfortunately I can never get anywhere with the search mode here, it said that the search returned 68 posts, but when i get to the bottom of page 1 and try to go to page 2, it says no posts were found. I have tried this severaL different times before, with the same results, so I just gave up on the search mode.
ya that search thing baffles me more then it is useful, but I told it to search for "primary secondary" and to find all words and I think it only found 2. I hope that is what you were looking for..
I try to keep track of that sort of thing because I have a 5200 off a 2.8L V6 that will end up on my buddy's '66 coupe (when we get time) and I will be needing that info also.

I know the 5200 are designed like a weber DGV, but are the jets intechangeable????
If so Ifound a local place that sells performance jet kits. It looks like they mostly deal with Euro. but they do mention Jeep straight 6. They also have an air filter snorkle kit for the DGV.

Just a quick word on jets, I had Stovebolt send me an assortment of jets 4 total including postage for $10.00, I thought this was very fair and the advise he can offer as to how to check your carb for lean/rich and if it is under sized for your engine is of much help in tuning the Holly 5200! The guy is just great to deal with!