H/W5200 Throttle Cable Linkage Setup *WARNING, GHETTO* lol



Well, finally finished the throttle cable linkage on my 5200. Here are some pics of what i did. I used a pretty thick piece of metal as no flex would be allowable, I tried bending the stock cable bracket all different ways and could never get it to work. What I show in the pictures below works perfectly.



I know the linkage isn't exactly perpendicular with the valve cover like i guess it should be, but i think putting it at an angle like that helps it to pull the carb all the way to WOT, tested it out and sure enough it works as planned, it was quite fun making it with a drill and hacksaw
Good to see you've found some prophylactics for those unused nozzles.

A true "billet" bracket. It will clean up well. The grey valve cover looks kind of industrial.

lol, the valve cover was off of an 80zephyr, i was too lazy to make it match, i have 2 other blue ones, but this grey one is in the best condition out of the 3, so i used it
...Fancy. Hey as long as it works right?

You could take off the part number sticker from the valve cover. And, well unless you -want- it to look dirty you should buy a bottle of Simple Green. That engine would look alot better, and not half bad.
Interesting solution to your problem..

But if your method bothers you, heres another one that may be of assistance..

Thats the XE Falcon Weber ADM34 carb. (Made from 1982 till the last XF ute in 1991 ish)

(I did a search on it last week, while my wife was watching, to explain how my search engine went. We got plate #34 of Amy Webers gallery, and I had lots of explaining to do.)

The carb is a modern version of the Holley/Weber 5200 (which was a DGAS/DGAV 32/36 Weber anyway), and is standard on the carb 3.3/4.1 Alloy Head II engines. The ADM is slightly smaller than the Holley Weber, but flows more, and levels out at 180 hp if you trim the venturis (chokes).

Fiats and Lancias ran smaller versions, as well as the ill-fated Aussie Chrysler Centura.

The linkage is very nice, and the carb linkage is double ended for the TV/kickdown cable on auto installations. So you can run C4's if you use the Aussie kickdown cable.
never thought of doing it like that, the bends would be a problem for me to make, i dont have a problem with my method yet, just have to see how it performs on the road, which i think is going to be fine, maybe someday i'll rig up something nicer, maybe i'll go and look and see if i can get any good ideas for rigging something like that, the problem is how long the actual part of the cable that hooks to the carburetor comes out that's why i had to do it like that, if i tried to mount it off the base of anything on the carb i think there would be a flexing problem since the metal would have to be coming so far out and that there would be limited room for the mounting on the base, i made sure that mine was tough and without flex, and that's what i got, it wouldn't be as ugly if i woulda figured out that the hacksaw does a good job at cutting it, i was using a bad method of drilling a series of holes around the outside and then sawing between them
Where did you get your cable setup from? I'm having problems with linkage on my 2100 setup.

Rogue, check out Mustangroo's setup, he used the "holder deally" from a fairmont.

that's what mine was from, wasn't able to bend it to work it the way i wanted it to
man your guys's engine's are really dirty.......time for some spring cleaning im thinking. 8)

aw, we did, Dad, we just had to take the in-liner out for another bash in the forset with the bonnet off. Mines no better.

Got any slave labor for an Image Boost, ponyrider66?
Hey guys, that plate under the adapter, is that a stock USA part? The carb adapter looks like the one I bought, but it will not line up with the bolt holes on the intake. It looks like with that plate, I assume it's for the water heat for the carb could make mouting my 5200 easy. I have a 250 head on my 200. If anyone has one of those plates for sale lemme know.

Not sure if I know exactly what you are talking about but here goes. To the best of my knowledge the water heated plates only had 1.5" openings. My guess is you have 1.75" opening on your head. You should be able to find these at a boneyard cheap. The only problem I had was that the carb mounting studs hit my adapter so I had to rotate 90 degrees.
they should be cheap unless you go to one of the yards that has a $10 minimum, which seems to be the trend around here now
Thanks guys. I had a 170 sitting in the back yard and it had one, but it was to small for the head I have.

Pick a part here I come.

Thanks again.