Anyone got a new years resolution to do some work or to get more hsp and better performance out of our I-6's. I know i im im still building havent heven put it on the road yet :LOL:
My New Years resolution, get this thing road worthy.. I mean my 200 will run (when it actually starts that is if the flywheel ring gear lets it), it stalls alot but thats due to the goofy Carburetor needing adjusting and the timing being off. There are a few things I plan to do it this year, they include.

1. Change Flywheel Ring Gear (Doing that hopefully this week got a friend coming over tomorrow to help me drop the tranny).

2. Pull the head and clean out this sucker, as well as clean out the intake manifold.
3. Change Exhaust Manifold or Header Upgrade (exhaust manifold is rusted out and one of the hose spigots on it (where one of the Carb hoses mount) broke off.

4. Change to Electronic Igniton (anyone with Points knows why I wanna do this).

The engine could stand a rebuild at least a top rebuild I know it needs a valve job at the very least. Compression Tests will hopefully reveal anything else that may be wrong.
i'm resolving to get some serious work done on my Studebaker. i figure a year & a half minimum, but i gotta get going! it don't seem to fix itself-- she ain't Christine, after all. i really started planning this last month or so-rule #1 is get a game plan. i got a plan, so now i gotta act on it. MavJoe----don't do a valve job w/o a new set o' rings on an older motor. i did that once, & the increased compression from the head blew out the old rings...man i was ticked. just a little advise from someone who did it ;)