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My mechanic called to say they have the engine in the car but that there is some problem involving the harmonic balancer. The engine in the car is a 200 big bell from an 81 I think. The engine it is replacing is the original 170. He wants to know if the harmonic balancer from the 170 can be used on the 200. This on a 63 Comet Custom.
Yes it can, if you don't trust the old balancer, (it is quite old), you could get one fromhttp://members.aol.com/damperdoc/dampers.html for around 50-60 bucks. The 81 came with a double sheeve, although you could remove the outer sheeve, just unbolt the three bolts and take it off, if you had to.

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I went down there and here's the problem. This 200 motor has the long water pump and two belt harmonic balancer. The concern is that there may not be enough room for the radiator much less the fan. Problem is I need the two belt system as I have added a/c.

Ref: clearance problem think about an electric fan in frt of rad pushing. that will give you some room. J'yard adaptable available or buy new. Proper size will helg with a/c.
Yes, and I should have used the search funcion before I asked a question. Found some good info there.

Thanks to all
I just ordered one - hell for $50 it seems like cheap insurance since I think I have the original balancer on mine!
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I just had a second balancer refurbished by the Damper Doc (mikenson's thread); he does excelent work. $55, including shipping. I UPS'd the balancer to him on 12/31, and got it back last week. Tom