Holley 1904 air cleaner


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Does anyone know a manufacturer for finned aluminum air cleaners for a Holley 1904? I found some at OTB but they want $170 a piece. Ouch!
I would look at Air cleaners for a Air cooled VW ? The fit might be very close ?... Tons of aftermarket for those for ever, you might get lucky...
finned aluminum air cleaners for a Holley 1904

have you seen these to fit the 1904?. ...because of the c-clamp top of 1904 carb where air cleaner usually attaches to center 'wingnut' fastener only carb specific will fit. Adaptors are available or fabricated to use more typical center stud fastener.

Vintage Inlines and a few other vendors have air cleaner or adapators for the 1904 - and 1908/9


'61 Comet has three K&N's on the Tri-Power 250 1904's - (notice they are safety wired )

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The Carb. i was thinking of didnt look like that. I was thinking of the older Carbs. Off of an early 60s Falcon ?.. Seems they had a straight throat to slide an Aircleaner over.