Hosting Pics for FSP



Hey guys,
I'm not sure if anyone would want this or not. But, I will be glad to host images for those of you who wish to add a pic to your topic. Just Email the pic to me and i will upload it and either give you a link or add it to your post. The free hosting sites have such limited badwidth usage it can be a pain.

If you don't want me to do this just let me know. I have a good bit of web space being unused just thought I would offer it up.

Neil Wagner
I'll go ahead and create a page for fsp users to upload and manage there pics and links.
I have a new baby coming tomorrow (induction). So my time will be tight. If you want to set it up go ahead. Maybe I can write some code within the next 2 weeks but I will probably be pretty busy. I was going to use ASP.
I set aside 5MB on my server and was just going to give people rights to upload via an FTP utility. Easy for me, maybe a little more difficult for them :roll:

Good luck tomorrow! Don't worry about this, you have bigger things to worry about :D