How do I tell what model carbureator is on my car?



I have look over, under and around but can not find any numbers. Where do I need to look?

Howyd Eddie:

What make and year is your engine? What Engine?

Each carb maker is a little different. Marking location is not standardized.

FoMoCo sixes from 1960 to '62 used Holley one barrels, Autolite 1100s were used til the '69 model year, then Carter YFs 'til '79. It was replaced by the Holley Model 1946 until the engine line was dropped in '82. This is the big generality, but there are exceptions. For example the YF was used in '68 on 200s with Calif emission engines, on '68 170 and 240 engines. You get the idea- it is not a simple question.

Each has its uniquenesses, both good and bad. Each made carbs sized to the engine sizes.

To be most helpful to you we need more information about your situation.

Adios, David
The car is a 66 Mustang with a 200.

Thanks for your reply.
Howdy eddie_wood:

If your car has the stock, from the factory, original carb it should be an Autolite 1100. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Load-a-matic distributor. It has a spark control valve that send a vacuum signal to the distributor to taylor the vacuum advance curve to the distributor. The system works fairly well when working as designed.

The carb should have a metal tag with ID# stamped into it, attached to the top, near the air horn, with one of the top screws. C5OF-Y if it's a manual trans, C5OF-Z. An exception would be a Calif emission car.

When clean and tuned properly they work quite well. They have a weak accelerator pump system. If a rough idle and stumbling acceleration are present it's time for a rebuild.

Adios, David
The metal tag is gone so I going to guess that it's the 1100.