how much can it take?



Or how much power can it make?..... The 144 that is. It would seem with a 2.50" stroke and a good rod ratio these engines should be rev-happy. The 4 main bearings are probably the limiting factor but I was wondering just how strong those cranks are. The slant six gets by with 4 mains and a 4.125" stroke! Most of those MoPar cranks were forged but not all.
I would think with such a short stroke the 144 crank might be fairly strong. Has anyone ever built one to the limits? Just curious.
Since a '66-'80 seven main 200 is an exact bolt in replacement for the 144 and offers more transmission options, not many people choose to build 144s. The 200 can be made to rev higher than the 144, so there's not much benefit in keeping the smaller motor in place. Not to mention how rare they are getting.
We have 65 200. Is this engine the same as a 66-80?

Also looking for 14inch wire hubcaps with red,white, and blue spinners.
On a 1965 Ford Mustang. I'm 14 years old, and its a project car. 200 automatic. Sitting since 1983 in barn.
Is their a difference between bolt patterns on 65 and 66 engine and belhosing?