How Much Of A Pain Is It To Install A Dual Exhaust?¿?

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I have a '69 Coupe with a 250 in it, i was wondering how much would it cost and how hard it is to install a dual exhaust.
lol, that's right, 0 of them, do you allready have the header or are you not going to use one and just run duals off of the manifold?
I got dual exhaust with glass packs, mounted and bolted to my Clifford headers for $260.00 with the crome tips too! My Clifford headers were from eBay auction for $130.00 new in the box!

65Stang (my son) dual exhaust was $275.00 using Turbo mufflers, Chrome tail pipe tips included! His unknown brand of headers were $80.00 used, no rust!
Im gonna get Clifford headers 6-2. I am 15 and also in auto shop, and I was wondering is it hard to install the dual exhaust or is in just getting it welded and hangin them up there.

No one I know of makes a dual exhaust system for our sixes. Especially since all the different kinds of headers are so...well... different. There's going to be SOME fabrication involved. You can either have an entire system fabricted(around $250-$350), or buy a V8 system. If you're looking to install this yourself, this may be a little cheaper. You could simply mount the V8 system under the car then take it to the shop and have them fabricate the pipes to connect to the headers. I'm not entirely sure this will be any cheaper though. Basically you're in for a fun time of calling and visiting shops to compare prices and work. ;)
On my 2001 it was actually cheaper for me to order a GT take-off system(from one online shop), MAC mufflers(from another online shop), and have the shop fabricate the connecting pipes and fab and H-pipe. If I didn't look into all my options I may have ended up just having the shop make the entire system and paying more. Make sure you get quotes in writing before letting them touch your car.

Since I noticed you're new, I'll let you know that one of our members, Mike(AZcoupe), actually sells a cheaper set of headers on his website.

McPaul's approach is the most cost effective. Just order a system for a V8 (tailpipes, mufflers, intermediate pipes, hangers) and have your exhaust shop hook them up.
What size pipes do the V8 system have. 2" or 2.25"??? Not that I give a hoot about back pressure.....I have a really nice set of stainless 2.25" tips I want to use on mine! :D :D


Went to a custom exhaust bender today got estimate of $550.00 from headers back. WOW!!!!!!
Needless to say we will not be going that route.....

Going to use stock Walker pipes numbers below, on our 1967 Mustang.

44401 = LH tail pipe 2"
44402 = RH tail pipe 2"
44403 = LH intermediate pipe 2"
44404 = RH intermediate pipe 2"

According to Walker the above fir 1965 thru 1968 mustangs.

and a pair of glasspacs.

We will makeshift the rest.
I'll post pics and details for others as point of reference. (and for S & G)

what if you just put 2 cherry bombs on the end of the header?? would there be a sound difference or could this be ilegal????, hmm could be a money saver untill you have the money to do the whole system.
That would be loud, and dangerous.

Here in PA exhaust must extend behind passenger compartment.

Does anybody have pics on how to route the exhaust so it does not interfere with the driveshaft or transmission...BTW I have no idea how this is done :oops:

$550?!?! :shock: find somewhere else. i ordered my turbo mufflers from summit, and then took them to the shop and have the pipes fabricated, and welded up, and then to dump right behind the passenger seat. all for $100. plus $30 for mufflers ( its was a buy one get one free 8) )

as for the routing.... the mufflers are under the passenger seat just like the stock V8 position. from the headers i had one cross over before hte bellhousing, and the other go straight on if i remember correctly. the stang is back home, and i am in a different state at college. i remember someone having posted some pics, i'll post back if i find them. good luck.