how tight/broken thermostat



How tight should I bolt on my new thermostat housing? I guess I put my old one back on too thight because it snapped in half while I was tightening it.

You may have tightened down on your bolting and the thermostat may have actually slide down and created a pinch point. As far as how much torque, you should look at your manual i.e. specifications...Good luck..ZZ
ZZ got it, it sure sounds like the t-stat slid down and caused the problem when you torqued down the bolts. The actual torque spec is 12 - 15 ft lbs as, IIRC, these bolts are only grade 3. All you're doing is sealing a gasket, so a lot of torque isn't necessary.
I thought for awhile that everytime I changed out my thermostat that I should actually buy another housing because I broke them alot. Then one individual told me to use gasket tack to make sure my thermostat would not slide down during installation. Now I have no problem.