HP increase idee?



got a stock 200ci with a D8 head and the duraspark II,free flow stainles steel exhaust 60m/m
want to ad a garrett turbo t3 [ 42/63 ]with about 6 psi and with a sucktrough carb system .... double dellorto 40 m/m only for a nice sity drive , i,m not into racing with my old mustang :LOL:
howmuch HPincrease wil the setup do ? got already new timing gear,s and chain , lifters ,high folume oil pump , wil the old feul pomp do/ ore wil i needing a electic feul pomp?
wil the block hold the turbo/ ore some arp rod bolts and some forged pistons are a must ?
this is the idee to do , but then right into the old log intake from the orginal head http://members1.chello.nl/h.omvlee/index.turbocarb.html
8) the stock 7 main block can handle much more than 6 psi boost. with forged pistons and keeping the rpm under 5500 rpm you can run as much as 15 psi boost. for the street you can use cast pistons, keep the rpms under 5500 and you can run 10 psi max boost. as for hp increase at 6 psi you can pick up a 50% increase in power, and a 10 psi you can get a 75-100% increase.