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question: im planning to do the turbo setup with the suck trough , got almost every parts , in the pic there are some line,s [ feul line.s ? ] before i,m getting to install the setup , do i need any more parts, will the suck trough not to hot , will i be needing a water injectie to cool ? i would realy like the adres off the guy from this setup . some one now him ? i,m not in for a bigg performance , but i do like this setup , looking great , and hopefully working great, not with the crossflow idee but with the setup from the next pic !
http://members1.chello.nl/h.omvlee/index.foto.html looks like a realy easy setup to me. not realy for a bigg boost, but a nice look and the inlet got lost of breathing with the turbo , so will handle the 2 carbs ,planning is to do the torbo and carb setup from pic nr 1 and the sucktrough for the orginal inlet from the 200ci like the setup in pic nr 2
is it so easy to do ? ore do i missing some part ? seems to me that the feul will be warming up ?

I have a question for you. Is the seals on your turbo setup for a draw through or a blow through setup?

It makes a difference on oil control.
The turbo in the white Falcon XE is an Aussie AIT unit. (AIT went bankrupt in 1987 after an XTRAC 4wd XF Falcon with Twin Turbos got written off in England).

Mike Vine in Australia still sells some of these kits. They use SU or Stromberg CD175,s, sometimes opened up to 1,875 inches (47,6 mm bores). Set up can provide 260 kW if methonal/water injuction is used.

The other one looks like an Ak Miller creation. There is an address for him somewhere here in this forum... can,t find it just now but I will look later! (This Carrera Pan-Amercia winner is still alive, must be in his 80,s by now!)

Hugh McInnes wrote a lot about I6 turbo set-ups in his early 1970,s turbo books. Ak Miller turbos featured on many pages. Another was David Vizard on his SOHC Ford engines book of 1983. The Ak Miller turbo was used on Jim Flynns record breaking Ford Pinto turbo with 400 hp!
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I have a question for you. Is the seals on your turbo setup for a draw through or a blow through setup?

seals ? i dont now / the turbo did came of a blowtrough with intercooler system . nice to mention , didn,t now you must use differend seals for blow ore suck trough ! for the right use with the oil , thx
btw what is the differends ?
and thx for the info and url .! wil be my first turbo project , so wil gone need much help !
8) a blow through turbo only needs to control air and keep the oil in the bearing. the draw through turbo controls air and fuel, and the seal not only keeps the oil in the bearing area, but it keep the fuel out of the bearing area. you can use a draw through turbo on a blow through set up, but you can not use a blow through turbo on the draw through set up, unless you change the seal.
A suck through also has a much heavier duty seal, due to it's being exposed to vacuum. I learned this the hard way on my Trooper TD. If the air filter becomes too clogged, it will suck the oil right past the seal and smoke like crazy. I can imagine what it would do exposed to full manifold vacuum.

stupid question , i,m into laser cutting . can i cut my own seal ? from aluminium ore messing ore titanium ? when you use 2 SU carbs with the setup i,m planning , is it possible to do a setup with only when WOT the second carb will then WOT ? so when running low rpm ore speed only 1 carb is used , when WOT the 2 carb will open ?
is the standaard 200 ci [ D8 head ] willing with the turbo setup , ore i,m better off with some special pistons and arp rod bolts ? i,m not into a hell of a boost ,pressed into my seat . 8) , only a nice little boost and smooth driving !

btw time to buy me a good book about this before asking stupid questions :p

No you will have to pop it open to replace the seal.

I would think the following place would have it. Tell them what you have and what you want to do and they should be able to help you out.