hyd clutch?



Anyone know whether a hydraulic clutch is available for an XF ute. Im running cable into a Supra box with the throw out arm coming out of the drivers side (previously passenger side) and continue to melt cables because the extractors are too hot. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Dellow dont make hyd clutch kits for the XF
Any other ideas,,,,,,,Im going through too many cables and my firewall is starting too flex just a little too much.
If your cables are fracturing/failing then I would hazard a guess that something is binding in your clutch system.
The late XFs had the cable run thru the engine bay cross member. That caused two 90 degree bends which reduced the life of the cable considerably.
Disconnect the cable at the clutch fork and make sure that it is easy to pull out and push in. If it isnt then disconnect the pedal end and try again. If it is ok, easy to extract and not damaged. Squirt a small amount of oil into the cable to lube the inner cable. If the cable is still stiff replace it.
With a good cable operate the clutch pedal.
If the cable is easy and the pedal is stiff when reconnected then the problem is the clutch fork is binding.
Remove the gearbox and bell housing. Clean and lubricate the snout of the gearbox(sparingly) and reassemble. This will cure the problem.
Resistance will cause the firewall/bulkhead to flex and in a short time the cable will pull/push thru it.
Some people when this job is required just drop in a new clutch kit at the same time.
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