I have a question about Horsepower?



I am comparing two cars side by side and I have two different HP and torque ratings? I am currious about somehting...

The numbers I am looking at are:

Car1: MPG 25/34
HP 163@6000
TQ 155@4000

Car2: MPG 22/28
HP 170@7000
TQ 145@5500

Both of these cars are 4 cyl cars and they are both 6 speed Manual Trans.

Now since I am not the most knowledgable about these things, it seems to me car one has more power than car two? Since at 6000 RPM's car two will not be pulling 163HP since it maxes at 170. Also seems car one has a ton more torque?

What should I see here???? Am I missing something?

8) first the only way you can compare engines is to compare tq and hp numbers at the same rpm. torque peaks, usually, at about 4500 rpm so these engines may actually be similar in torque production. the hp numbers are also similar as i have seen engines make as little as 5 extra hp going up 1000 rpm. i would say from the numbers you have supplied that these engines are similar in power production, but as i said before, the only way to really tell is compare the tq and hp curves of both engines ont he same dyno with the same dyno operator as both have an effect on the power curves.
Well I am running comparisons without the cars....

The vehicles in question oddly are:

Car1: Mini Cooper "S" model
Car2: Ford SVT Focus

I would love to get a clear comparison on these two cars, they are almost identical in every way, weight, torque, height, etc...

I think the Ford handles better. As for joy of the drive off the line both are quite fun to drive.

I took the guy out today for test drives of both cars. What can I say BMW has done some nice things to their car. And Ford SVT takes my breath away......
Take a look at the peak numbers for a Honda S2000 and you'll see that they are developed at very high rpm. Horsepower 240@8300. Torque 153 lb ft @ 7500rpms

If you granny the Honda, it is a real dog to drive. You have to keep it in the zone to make it move quickly because a "normal" engine speeds that most of us are used to, the engine makes so little hp and torque that the car is aa slug. got to row those gears.

I suspect that the SVT Focus is similar to a degree and that you'll have to rev it to make it move. Lots of gear changing there. by comparison, I think the little bimmer might be more docile and easier to drive in everyday traffic.
The Cooper is supercharged (or is it turbo - don't remember). The power produced is, therefore, very different in terms of drivability. The Mini my have a spool up issue. However, once in the band I suspect the drivability (living with it on a daily basis) is better. There is an old saying (guess that says something about me) that I firmly agree with ..."you race HP, but you drive TORQUE"... Torque is one of things I like best about my I6.

Just an opinion - Steve
Take the Mini S. What a fun car. The Mini is quite a runner and handles real well in stock form.

Now, you want an even more fun ride for the same money, take out a WRX. Better yet, just wait for the STi version to be here soon. 300+ HP from a turbo 4 :eek:

The mini cooper is just like a big go cart. Man, it will handle. You can really push it in the corners. It is fairly slow though. Atleast to me it was. I know it cannot, and is not suppose tp be a real fast car though

Jimbo...here is yet another take:

HP is becoming popular again and everyone is concerned about it and the automakers know it. They design cams that will make lots of power (for the displacement_...but unfortunately it is usually unusable power. Personally, I prefer power that is made at lower RPMs. look at the torque curve. See which one flattens out first. You want to know where you are at 90% torque. The lower it is...that quicker the car will feel at low speeds (up to 65-70MPH). Beyond that HP starts to become a factor.

My volvo makes max HP at 5200RPM (237HP) and max torque at 3200 RPM (90% at 2100). That is a very drivable car for something that weights 3700 lbs.