I just saw my very first Buick straight 8!



Damn, what a sweet lookking engine it was. Can't remember the year/model of the Buick, I just kept starrin' at the engine. It looked killer and a lot smaller that what I imagined it would be...a whole lot different that what I imagined.

I noticed that on inliners.org, they have a Buick L8 on the front page. Are they a rare engine to find or expensive to buy/hop up?

Man, what a cool deal that was...I think I'ma gonna go searchin' for some info on that powerplant....

Chevytown and his 'ol cuz Buicktown :beer:
The old Buick used to be a hotrod engine of some repute and in the early 50s there were quite a few of them going quite fast. We used to have a member about 2 sites back who had a Pontiac I8. Similar design, similar mods. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of speed parts available for the few that remain outside of museums and collections. EXCEPT at Bonneville. In 2001 there were about a half dozen Buick I8s running at Speed Week. I recall seeing them in Lakesters, Streamliners, a Roadster or two and a couple of full bodied cars, one of which set some records. If you like old hot rods as well as new and a total absence of the cookie-cutter mentality you should make the trip to the salt. You won't regret it. BTW spectator admission was something like $20 for the whole week which includes access to all pit and paddock areas.
Sup Strange...

Hey bro, I dig it all man...This show was cool, best thing about it was that I was going to the Farmer's Market and there it was...Like a dream. All these old antique cars...very cool morning indeed...

I'm gonna start looking/investigating out for these events more closely. Damn what a cool engine that there was...

They had their problems. Like the super long crank was enough of a problem.
But the sound of an I-8 that's been modified for racing is just unreal. From idle on up, it has a song all its own.

A little off-beam... These cars were rare in Sydney. But I remember one dumped about twelve years ago, in the back streets of the city... I think the Council crushed it in the end. It was a sound car, just out of registration. Always seemed a shame.
Years ago I owned a 1948 Buick straight eight. The car was a fastback and weighed tons but the 8 had loads of power and lots of torque. It also had a dual carb manifold from the factory with two big single barrel Rochesters. It rode like a dreamboat....
I think that I saw somewhere that Ford made a straight eight.
There is a book " How to hotrod Chevy and GMC sixes and the Buick 8" it was printed in 1953 but it can still be found in old book stores.

Worth a shot