I need a new cylinder head



Does anyone know where I can find a new cylinder head for a 1966 200 cu in engine.
Try getting one from a junkyard, then having the machine shop rebuild it.
Or try getting one from Pep Boys, I think Recon remanufactures them. That's where I got one for my 250, I'm not sure about the 200.

BTW: I got a new rocker shaft and rockers from Advance Auto Parts and shaft supports from AutoPartsGiant.com.

Good Luck!

i am in the same situation u are but i made some calls and clifford performance is coming out wtih one at the end of the year. i cant wait, cause they said you can bolt on 08-3136Weber 45 DCOE
530 cfm Weber carb side draught. This head and carb will make your car run like hell in speed and sound. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
I've heard some conflicting comments about running a single downdraught Weber... Might have to dig them up.
I've got an 81 head already rebuilt, sitting on the shelf. I'm in Napa, pm me for a phone number.