Idiot's guide to turbocharging the falcon 6

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I'm a knewb here. But have turbo'ed and supercharged miata's for 9 years. I'm very familar with programing and setups. But I'm just now learning carbs. Not to trying to be a know it all.

But every system should have a BOV, It increases the life of your turbo.

If possible, all systems should run some sort of device to pull timing while in boost. I am going to use a MSD BTM.
At very least have Methenol/H2O injection. If not you are wasting ALOT OF POWER.

Although spark plugs can be read....It is a terrible way to check for proper fueling. If you go lean...Boom, your pistons are gone. ALL SYSTEMS SHOULD HAVE A WIDE BAND O2.

I have really enjoyed reading this section. You guys have been really helpful.


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Im not trying to be a know it all either, I love this post and actually have it saved to my computer, but being able to weld well isn't strictly a necessity so far. I did the 2 bbl Conversion using brazing... purchased a WG flange that would bolt right to my turbo... had a BOV flange built right into my intercooler. BAsically it's looking like Il only need to do about three welds. Two being simple, weld a flange to a pipe, and one being, weld some pipe to pipe. My dizzy arm mod, I used some Epoxy and filed, looks fine and should work fine.

Just in case people are discouraged by the necessity to weld, it's basically all simple if you make it, If i was dead set against buying a welder I could have paid a shop about 100$ to do the REQUIRED welds for me :p
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