I'm going to Blow my Budget!!!!


Cop a load of this....it's a Wade blower!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I've got my engine aspirations sorted out. They read like a Weird Science script written by Frankenstein.

Since 1990 I've wanted a Supercharged 351 Cleveland V8 Falcon. In Australia, four-doors are king, and the 6-71 GMC blown cars are almost instant cop-bait in the sands of Aussie. But here in NZ, the cops are very laid back, and you can legally drive a street registerd car with a open blower so long as the 1976 NZ Vehicle Standards aren't compromised. An engineers certificate is manadatory, though. Even putting 245's and 14X8 steel wheels and the Holley 2-bbl required an independant inspection with a Low Volume Vehicle plate. NZ$200, and it was legit. My favorite car of all time is Marc Dall Aquas XR Falcon GT with SVO 351C and Hampton blower on a Weiand tunnel ram. It's gold, just like my Falcon, but it's the toughest car I've ever seen in my life. In a sea of Rice, a Detroit Steak looks like a sedition!

The issue I've had to deal with is starting a project that I know I can finish and then own and drive, day in, day out. Even my close friends who have V8 Falcons are always breaking things, and the cost of getting mechanicals sorted often takes the toll on relationships and the bank balance. One thing is, shoving a supercharger on an already expensive engine is going to create even more problems. If V8's are so cool, why are there so many trashed 302Windsors and 351 Clevelands around?

My friend from Balclutha has just placed a Jap Toyota Soarer SC12 blower on his GM3800 Holden Commodore. Stock, it did 16 second quarters. Blown, it dips into the high 14's! I've always thought that his idaes have been the best. He has only had six cylinder cars after a good 351 V8 XC Utility. He never breaks the bank, and understands that if something breaks, he's got to be able to find a common, garden variety part quick. That's why he's never stuck for a buck. He's lowered his cash outlay, and spends extra money on hi-po gear. I guess having an EFI X-flow Ford Cortina 6 4.1 liter and a Supercharged Holden Commodore is a very good way to spend your earnings.

So what am I doing?

I've been busy getting my AOD 4-speed hooked up to my 250 block cross flow. The need for an adaptor has allowed me to index the engine 30 degrees from the verticla, making the engine a slant six, like a Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler in-line six. Last week, I spotted my needed Rootes RO34 blower. The cross flow is now set for a big boost...supercharged style! And it's cost effective, and I know I can do it!

Three links got me started on this. One was an Allard Supercarger site, the other was two threads started back in December 2002 on this site.

http://fordsix.com/forum/viewtopic....ays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=mustang monthly


I think I did a nut off , and told you Americans to tilt and supercharge your I6's. Then Jack dropped a picture of a GMC Blown Chrysler Slant. After going through the pain and worry of the AOD4 conversion to a block not designed for it, I suddenly realised that I should be doing more myself. After doing LPG conversions, carb swaps, intake adaptors and dealing with TV cable set-ups on nasty Borg~Warner autos. The supercharger and slant conversion should be a piece of cake!

Have a look at this, care of Jack form an earlier link I mentioned:-


I am now making up some right hand side engine mounts to fit the cross member, and an fabricated steel adaptor to suit the stock left hand side engine mount/frame mount. The header exhast on my Aussie cross-flow will have to be hacked up and re-routed to fit. The engine will slant over 5 inches to the right hand side. The sump parts are AP-5 Valiant, a 225 slant six sump which runs off a fixed 30 degree diagonal. Chrysler sixes are really not designed fromthe outstead as a slant, and there right hand engine Mopar mount is also be used to make this swop work.

The blower I'm using is this


It comes off the humble Commer TS3 two-stroke diesel engine, and its very old...dates back from 1954!. I got my Heavy Truck and Trailers ticket peddling one of these. They were a thristy old thing, but had a wonderful wail when you stood on the gas or double-de-clutched


Here is something that gagsta_858 from Canada would appreciate..a TR6 Triumph with an RO34 blower. Aside from the slant needed on mine, and side of the carburation being differnt to mine, this is what I'm to duplicate.


Note: If the link doesn't show up on your computer, please note that there is a 50 meg restriction. Then try this one.


or this http://triumphs.50megs.com/blower/TR6photoabove.gif Please Send they guy an e-mail and tell him his a genius!!! Hope I haven't broken any protoacols in showing this!

Despite the use of Chevy forged pistons and a stout short stroke crank, I'm planning to use just 12 pounds of boost, a 10% underdrive, and a cam that limits the maximum power delivery to 5000 rpm, with an over-rev capability to 5500 rpm. The stock power before supercharging is aiming at the 215 hp net level with the stock 9.35 :1 compression, but I'm wanting to use Water/Alcohol indirect injection. The acutal power when boosted should be 350 bhp net, maybee more. That may sound really low when compared to a good turbo instillation which may have 480 ponies with 14-18 pounds, but it is instant boost, which will grow in an almost vertical line. The other thing is the stock 4-speed AOD calibration can be used, and with the removal of the lock-up clutch and a proper set of clutches and a proper TV cable set up, the ratios will be perfect. I'm aiming for a sub 13 second quarter at 110 mph in third, hauling through the traps at 5500 rpm, two up with a full tank, and total weight of 3650 pounds all-up. The top speed I am aiming for is 145 mph at 5000 rpm in overdrive, and I've got a road at Oamaru in Otago, and another in Poolburn, Central Otago, where I plan to get the brick moving with my car club.

The diff is still to be Borg Warner 7 7/8 inch, but with a set of Cortina 4 3.7:1 gears, along with an automatic spool I've been eyeing up. The rest is to remain stock, aside from some stock 11" XE rear discs and 11.8" DBA front vented discs.

And, to cap it off, it'll still be a propane burner. Yes team, I really have flipped!


The blower at the top dropped off the url address, so this is a foot note for your benefit
Imagine crusing in something like this...


and then you tell 'em you've got a supercharger from this...


I'm not doing a great deal to prove my sanity, am I?

My truck parts supplier has three Wade RO 34 blown TS3 engines in his back yard. Cool, isn't it!
Nice Blower :D

What is it's swept volume (how many cubic inches of air per revolution)?

Where do you get the belt drive?

How much does the blower and belt drive cost?

Where will you get a crank pulley at? Will that crank pulley fit the US crank?

I might just have to rethink the engine in my '66 Bronco. A blown Ozzie headed 250 would be just KILLER. :eek:

Why not a turbo indeed!

A turbo is the way to make big power on the track, highway or just about anywere...except the hilly San Francisco like streets of Dunedin. Insituations where boost must be made, you have to go for a hi-stall convertor and different shift points. With the Rootes type super charger, there is no need to hi-stall the trans. And I can save on the heat and cost of the turbo set up. And I like my engine to sound good. And the blower is very, very cheap!

The RO34 is a 3.4 liter per rev blower. It is about 212 cid per rev. Max revs are about 4700 rpm, and the drives are standard blower drives that have to be custom made from the CAPA blower people in Australia. Details soon!
Floridaphatman asked

Q.Where do you get the belt drive?
A. I am making my own water pump pulley and extension to drive the supercharger belt using the GM 3800 style belt I talk about later. It has groves as per the Buick/Holden practice. Gates makes them. Start at part number 6PK305j, and work your way down lengths until you fit the blower pulley and blower bet idelr pulley to the crank.

Q. How much does the blower and belt drive cost?
A. TS3 Commer trucks are as rare as hens teeth unless you live in a backwater like New Zealand where Limey British stuff lurks at every corner. I know of three engines here in Dunedin, four if you include the engine I did my driving test behind! They are about NZ$600 if you haggle, but worthless if the lobes are scored. The belt drive is the easy bit!

Q. Where will you get a crank pulley at? Will that crank pulley fit the US crank?
A.Care of JD, here is a Glimer belt drive set up. They are likely to be off the shelf items in Australia. You really have to make your own out of alloy for a US engine. Mine will not be Glimer. Most people use Glimer or the new Helical cross cut beltsand pulleys. You gotta built them yourself! :cry:


But the news gets worse:-

The belts and drives and stuff can be had from heaps of other sources in Aussie as said. CAPA, Yella Terra, Castle Main Rod Shop, Bob Fisher rah rah rah. But these guys are Powerdyne, Terracharger, Toyota SC12, GMC 6/71 + B&M specialists. The only guys that do Wade blowers are heating and ventilation or Process Control experts. The R034 has been out of production for almost 40 years, and all new Wade blowers are McCulloch or Vortech style. Just depends what you really really want!

chinook asked why not a Turbo?.

I didn't really answer that to well. Any turbo installation can be tuned to remove lag, but these days people tend to run intercoolers and forget that a turbo is a very specialised thing, needing close to perfect matching and design to come on the boost right where you want it. Often, people cannot afford to do it the textbook way because of cost. With a Rootes supercharger, there is no issue with comming on the boost. It's always there. There is almost no limit to how much you can boost the engine when a good GMC blower is used. The Wade blower is a little less able to hack the racket, but it is perfect for between 200 to 250 cubes where your not reving to more than 5800 rpm. Wade blowers can't hit any more than 4700 rpm unless they are race prep'd, so most people underdrive them at 80% of the maximum revs limit. There aren't many I6's that like 5800 rpm, anyway!

There is little guessing with these Rootes type installations, and at twelve pounds boost, they are just like adding four cylinders. Fancy a 6.8 V10 rather than a 4.1 liter I6?. From idle to full noise! A turbo woun't do that unless you are very smart with boost modulation, housing selction and electronic fuel mapping. You've got to be right on the game. And even then there is an issue that the gearing, convertor choice and change up points are just right for the case. If that is a Dualie 300 I6 with 3.55:1 gears and towing a tralier, then it's got to be fully set up for that. Even centrifugla chargers are unable to build boost like a GMC/Wade blower. There is no instant urge, it's got to build up some revs to haul some boost. At 750 rpm, a GMC or Wade blower will be close to 50% hp bbost just as it is at 5750 rpm. The postive dispalcement is a substitute cubes.

50's and 60's drag racer Ohio George Montgomery was a prime example. The GMC blowers turned 388 cube small block Chevs into substitute 647 cube big blocks.

Each to there own. A well set up turbo will cane just about any thing. That's why they are banned from Top Fullers! But on the street, you can't drive around with a 20 pounds of boost 700 hp Turbo 300 I6 unless you have a great anti-lag set up. A GMC would have no lag at all.
I'm disappointed. You wanna trash a "Knocker" for a bit of Ford tinplate? :LOL: How much does the blower weigh? I have a little George Godfrey job, and it's heavy as!

My suspicion is that the belts and whatnot will price it to death, compared to the Tojo units.

Yeah, you may be right there Adam!

Thing is Richards little SC12 is such a cool blower and his Commodore VN goes so hard, I just got to upstage him, even if it takes a year or two. The Balclutha boy is really happy with it, an amazing side kick all the way from Aussie after spending two years stuck on the side of a Jap DOHC engine. At 2500 smakers all up, the Castlemain Rod Shop 3.8 liter supercharger kit provides more accleration than the stock XU6 OR any Ecotech V6. Even the 255 kw Gen iii would be strugling!

The GM belts are cheap and easy to get. The Wade RO34 supercharger is around 60 pounds, maybee more. The puney TS2 RO20 isn't quite as heavy at 40 pounds.

Still, the XE/XF EFI intake is a 57 pound addition to any carby XE/XF. The slant conversion looks fairly easy and the AOD may be twice the BW35 for weight, but its better than shelling out for a 40 pound heavier 9" diff I don't need. The alloy head even has a 10 degree tilt on the intake ports just like the Chrysler Slant 6. Then the 51 pounds of weight shaved off from the cast iron 4.1 X-flow is put back on by a Wade blower. I can live with this! The cost of blower drive components may just be the death of the idea, but I'm still taken by the task.

Besides, I might just have the best machinist at my disposal. And he likes alcohol and no rice! Like OHC Chicken, he just loves Ponitacs. His 455 Firebird has 330 hp and 13.7 second slip times with 4080 pounds. How do you think I'd do with the same or greater power, and 430 pounds less mass?


These little numbers are able to cope with the heat and vibration of a Commer TS3, so it should be easy to make it haul!

Oh yeah. Q.Where did the Maori get his Commodore from?

A. From his Commer Van!!!
Americans and Aunzies -- two peoples separated by a common language...! :shock: :roll: ;)
Maybe i'm :unsure: but by my calculations you'll be over 12psi using a 10% underdrive. Unless, of course, you're expecting 100% n/a VE's. With a more reasonable 80-90% VE you're looking at 16-20psi....

I don't really know, Whittey. How do you calculate it? VE is likely to be about 85% at max torque, and I haven't a clue unless I use one of them funny graphs the turbo guys use.

I haven't yet got a rating curve on it, but the little brother to the 207 cubic inch RO34, the little 122 cube RO20 supercharger, had these specs:-

Fitted to a 79 cubic inch engine with a drive ratio of 1:1 it will supply a maximum boost of up to 18 psi. It's rated capacity of 2,000cc per revolution gives a maximum airflow of 350 cu. Ft. per min at 6,000 rpm. with a pressure of 2.0 psi.

So I hazard a guess that even with a 1:1 ratio RO34 on my 228 cube machine, it should do about 11 pounds at about 600 cfm airflow. Could be way out. Normally, 4700 rpm is the limit for these blowers, but I've seen race versions running 6500 rpm. They have little adjustment in the case, and lobes are hard to get.

Having said that, I talked to our contracting firms orphan truck supplier. They've got GMC superchargers for our old 6/71 engines for our Champion graders and stabilization hoes. They have two TS3 Commer engines in addition to the one I've tracked down.
ACK. Ok, I had this whole post layed out with math n'whatnot and I re-read your post and saw that you're rockin a 250.... Feel free to fling used sheep in my general direction and call me names that only you .nz or .au folks understand. :)

Whittey":1ktf80fh said:
ACK. Ok, I had this whole post layed out with math n'whatnot and I re-read your post and saw that you're rockin a 250.... Feel free to fling used sheep in my general direction and call me names that only you .nz or .au folks understand. :)
They're not going to waste a perfectly good sheep on the likes of you
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Here's a photo. Guess which one is my girlfriend?

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