I'm trying the exhaust post again...



OK once more on this....

I once had a manifold that was so quiet you could not even hear the car running most of the time (Except going down the highway).... :unsure:

Now I am adding Dual Headers.... on a 65 Mustang, What should I throw in from there back to make her nice and quiet...

I like quiet.

It's OK to hear a nice header rumble at 5000 RPMS.... but I want all sweet and soft up to 3500 or so...

Since I am dual out, I figure I can add a GT dual exhaust, as for mufflers, what would get me a balance between performance and sound.
(I figure I can restrict things more than if I was single out, I think American Thunder Flowmasters are too much)......

Best bet. Go find a good Exhaust shop and tell them what you want. :D

Myself I like walker turbos not to loud nice sound
8) i also like the walker turbo mufflers. also consider adding exhaist tips with built in resonators. they reduce noise but dont add backpressure.
What about keeping it Stang, and throwing in a set of the K-code type mufflers? You could even run the resonators, too. I think this runs to about $230 in parts, plus tips.

I'll suggest Dynomax Super Turbos if its a dual exhaust. Maybe a Dynomax Ultra Flo if your going with a single muff.

The Dynomax Super Turbos would probably be the sound you're looking for. Mellow but mean when you get on it. Should provide a bit more power too.
I am new and was reading thru the archives. I have a '67 Mustang (200Ci) and am also planning on getting dual headers (possibly from Clifford or AzCoupe) to increase performance, but would like to maintain my car very quiet. I was woundering what you decided to do and how it turned out.
Also what are the advantages/disadvantages of the Clifford and AZCoupe's headers? Do the Clifford headers really overheat the starter?
Clifford recommended 1.75" exhaust pipe. Is this too small?

My dad has some "silent" mufflers on his 52 Chevy. They sound kinda loud for "silent" mufflers. But they don't roar at high rpms. I see if I can get the brand name for you when he flies in tomorrow.

I believe the Walker and the DynoMax are of the same design. I bought the Walker single in, single out (summit $31.00) because of the internal design. The routing of the exhaust gases through the muffler are designed for low flow and low db (noise).

If you do a search for the Walker or DynoMax on the web you can find a cut away view of the internals.

Have fun, Ric.
Well, unfortunately I am still without engine and exhaust...

I am planning on installing the exhaust in the next couple of weeks, but still have not found an exhaust system I am happy with yet.... I am waiting till the engine is in then the exhaust shop can make more recommendations....

I'll post the results here when I get the exhaust in...
Stay away from the Flowmasters. Mine sounds nice, it has a deep gurgle to it, but you can definitly hear it. The Flowmasters are also pricey. I have the dual out headers, with 2 Flowmasters but it is loud (and fast for a 6 with the offy finally nicely tuned, smile).

I just ordered 2 Borla ProXS mufflers last night for my dual exhaust setup. I am going to buy headers from AZ Coupe. Talk to TrojanMike67 about it. He just sold his 67 200 but he had the dual exhaust with Borla's and loved it.
I have grown to dislike the loud stuff too...
Too many tickets in the past and I dont like interveiwing ever bubblegum machine opperator I pass.

I have a Falcon Wagon and i run a full sized Ford truck replacement muffler 2.5 in and out..its quiet... and helped give me a little more ump. not to mention MPG.

Well I stopped by what I consider to be the best Muffler shop in town yesterday and talked to the manager for about 45 minutes....

He was working on a 47 Chevy Truck doing a custom install....
This guy was very nice and we talked for some time about what I wanted out of the car etc....
He echoed the same comments found here for the most part....

His main concerns were stay away from Flowmaster... (two loud)
He liked the Borla Idea, he says there are a number of Turbo mufflers he could run on there for the sound I want... low, not like an import were my main comments... I wanted a quiet ride, but when I lay down on it, I don't want to sound like a Honda.

he is running dual back, two mufflers and out the stock valance with my Tips and hangers for the tips... everything $350.00... which I thought was a good price.

Now I only have to get the engine in and installed...
I ended up going to Marietta Muffler... off Cobb Pkwy by the Big Chicken...
(After calling around to a bunch of places they were the best ones I talked too and came highly recommended by some friends...)

Yeah... I stopped by the Machine shop on Friday to get a look at things before they are assembled... VERY NICE.... the machinist ported the crap out of the head... he openned up the ehxaust area very nicely.... plus they welded and bolted the port divider in... that thing will never break free....

The larger valves were in and the Roller rockers were being test mounted and a shim plate was being cut while I was there... the only thing left really was final assembly and paint... should be picking it up Friday morning... (once pay day is here....)