Installation questions.


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It seems likely that I'll be getting my grubby little paws on a carbie X-flow soon.
What will I need to set up a T-5 on one of these bad boys? Anyone know the stock toploader spline setup and input shaft length?
Also, I believe these were set up for a hydraulic clutch?
I'm pretty sure it's the stock, standard tranny bellhousing.
Yeh, you can get a pre 1973 Toploader bellhousing and clutch from a TC Cortina 6 or XY/XA Falcon 250. Someone wanted the same thing late last month. Addo recons $90 Aussie dollars can do the job!

I don't mind changing to a hydraulic setup; I'm just curious about the setup. However, if the pre-'73 setup makes it 'easy' to go cable, then I'll just do that.
Contact JD, he will hook you up. 8)
If it's for a Mustang, you still need the adapter kit. $150 I think. :unsure::
Very cool. I'm going to order the California Pony Cars adapter like Jack did, unless there's another one out there (Al?).
Does anyone have a diagram/picture/photo of the cable clutch setup for this bell? Once I know what I'm looking at I can start making space in the Zephyr (79 wagon).