is clifford the only header that will fit on a 200?



is clifford the only header out there for our 200 inlines? if so what does his run and if there is more out there who makes them i just callled hooker and they said only make them for the 200's in the mustang no fairmonts will it fit in my fairmont or not?
The three main ones I know of are Hooker Clifford and Pacemaker (available through ford six perf parts...)

they are all for the 200... as to if any of them fit the Fairmont? I do not know that.... maybe someone else can help.
I've never heard of Paceaker carring a header for the 200, must be new. Hoker does have a header for it, has for years, but be warned the hooker header has round ports, your head has square ports, I'd go with the Clifford 53-2600, single outlet with the stepped collector. Jay Crouch designed them a couple of years ago, great torque output on them.

Eric you really should check out Mikes new collection of parts. I bought one of almost everything he sells....

Pacemaker headers Dual out (can order a y pipe to go single out...) and the construction is fabulous.... plus you can have them coated for a nice add on and the price is right....

I am waiting on mine to get here, now as to if they will fit the Fairmont I cannot tell you that....
8) I dont think those will fit mine.

Cliffords will because the front 2 pipes come out and stay up til behind the centerline of motor.

I am woried the Pacesetters will hit my K-member.