is this right.



is this right or is something shifty going on here. i have an xf efi and i was after a permit to drive the car and i found out that
my engine number is the same as the vn, i didnt think this was possible
or did ford put the same numbered engine into the same numbered car or is somebody playing funny buggers.
That's perfectly normal from the XY series on. You've something like JG23 at the beginning of the number, or JG34 (Fairmont), or JG40 (ute)... so forth. Makes it easy to tell if the motor is original.
yes addo is right all falcon have VIN or chassis number the same as engine number.
The codes are expalined in service manuals.
So your has original engine.
Having just brought this car im sort of glad that i still have the original engine but the reading on the speedo is just over 300 k's is there anything i should be worried about. I should explain that i have always had a commodore until i took this falcon for a drive and now, well for the next few years i'm a ford man, i know my way around blue commodore motors but have no idea about a 4.1 efi motor, it might take me a while to work out so i'll apoligize for the silly questions now and thank you for your help.
Having had a few of these motors myself, and having worked on a late XF EFI vehicle recently, I'd reccomend you inspect the valve train gear. I take it it makes no noise, yeah? The motor in my mates Falcon liked to spit out pushrods and bend them, the symptom was a badly clicking lifter. Seems to be more common on the fuel injected 250s, since they have a slightly different cam.

Oh yes, one more thing on these motors; If you do any work on the engine, make sure its sealed up well after; the internals are vacuum sealed, one little leak and you'll know about it..
as far as i can tell the whole car is almost original, it has been lowered,lpg added and a set of mags but nothing has been done to the efi motor.
one other question i have, are falcons like commodores, i mean do all the wheels from the xd to the ba fit and will the seats from the later model falcons fit into any other falcon, for example my old vc had vt brakes and ss seats and ss mag wheels can you do the same to a falcon.
I'm not sure about the interior, but you've got a choice of any mag up until the AUs. Basically EL backwards, including GT variants. The AU and BA Falcon range have a different hub offset, which will require the use of spacer plates.. if you feel lucky, lol!

Is it a Falcon or Fairmont? If its a base model Falcon, a fairmont interior is a nice upgrade over the stock..
i have found a problem, the car has been lowered so i thought that they had used lowered springs but all the have done is cut a chunk off each spring witn an anglegrinder and put them back in,so i was wondering whats the easiest way to change all four springs, does it need an expert to change them.
If the car didnt need a roadworthy then i would leave them in but somehow i dont think they would be passed.
austin":vl89jy2c said:
...i was wondering whats the easiest way to change all four springs, does it need an expert to change them.
Yes, sort of. A decent spring compressor is the only way to go. Save the old ones to reinstall later. ;) You will need a wheel alignment, too.
Fronts are very straight forward, but I've got a feeling you'll need to get the rear end out to change the rear springs.

With the RWC, do they actually count how many coils are on the spring? If they do, then you'll definitely need new springs..