I just got a k and n 11 wide 3 1/2 high air filter how much more hp should I get from it ? thanks :D
did it come with stickers or not? if not, then you'll be losing horsepower, but if it did, expect at least 200added horsepower

actually, i would think more like in the 2-4 is how much you might get
I'd hazard a guess that there is no improvement in horsepower between the K & N and a good, clean paper element. K & N's big claim to fame is they don't loose flow as they get dirty, and they can be cleaned and reused without negetive impact
You won't see much. I noticed a little improvement in spool up response on my turbo Volvo, but on a NA engine, you won't see much improvement.


Typical increase on a stock setup with a K&N is in range of 5hp.

I just put a K&N in my 93 Probe SE and I could tell the difference first time I gave it gas out of the parking lot. The buttmeter was saying oh yeahhh!!
I plan on useing a K&N with a stock houseing will this work and how do you clean a K&N?
it came with the stickers :LOL: it tels ya how you to clean it

it was so big it wouldn`t fit with the top on but with the top of it fit tight on the hood so I got some gasket maker/sealer and put a ring of it on the filter so now when I lift the hood it comes up with it and that looks pretty cool 8)
oh ya it will fit you should be able that is made for your truck or car they make one for my mav too but it was a little more money and I didn`t want to wate :LOL: :D :eek:
Depends what percentage 5HP is! 10% - heck yeah! 5% probably, 2% probably not...

Have you got $42 worth of satisfaction yet? That is my question in return. :D

Yeah, I got 95 Kiwi penut butter bucks of 10 inch and 23/4 high K&N filter. My wife asks me why I 'd pay 5 times the cost of a Ford air cleaner.

After driving around in the Coon for the last year with it, it still performs better and I'm happy that I'll never have to replace it. Only problem is its an open air cleaner, and noisy. The Cortina I had used an old stainless steel soil sieve receiver, which was 300 mm (12") diameter and about 3" deep...it was very quiet.

CA 300 Impco LPG carbs were used on my old Cortina and my current Falcon. The Impco factory uses the old Dodge Truck fliter, line number A391, and its just got too expensive to get them over here. They are huge, but cannot hack the silt and fine grit we put on our roads in winter. K&N are winners in price and durability, and have about 150% more surface area than the wire weave and nylon Chrysler filter.
never gona have too replace it gota like that thats one of the reesons I got it :LOL: . I figgerd 6.5% that good ?
oh ya the noy`s thing the windo seals are all cracked up and some parts of them are missing so going down the hiway you cant hear much of anny thing anny way :LOL: :LOL: