All Small Six lets talk tubular....custom intake on the falcon log head.

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good news people! successfully machined the 50 year old cast iron intake runners on the head so I've got all six aluminum runners pressed in now at least .5-.75" on the runners.

check out the pictures here: ... sort=3&o=1 ... sort=3&o=1

so this weekend the runners and intake will start to take shape and hopefully finish the flange and if all goes well this could be a week or two out from running on a fresh 200 block.
autoX65":3dd8ly23 said:

check out this video I found.....not my build but very cool. two webber 32/36's on a cut off large log and each carb has its own plenum!

Ron Wards started with a six bike carb I6 back in late 2011/early 2012.

MPGmustang":3dd8ly23 said:

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2012

A 1980 Ford 200 head with large log intake manifold was cut lengthwise along the intake manifold on a table saw using a Lenox Titanium steel cutting blade. Sheet metal port dividers were then fabricated and welded in place. The intake plate mounting surface was then planed flat by a machine shop. A 1/8" steel plate was then fabricated by cutting 42mm holes corresponding to a 2004 Kawasaki ZZR1200 carburetor spacings. Carburetor boot mounting studs were welded in place and planed flush with the mounting surface. The intake plate was then drilled and the head drilled and tapped for 14 - 4mm mounting bolts. A high heat gasket was then cut to fit between the head surface and the intake plate. Jets, both pilot and main, for the Keihen CVK40 carburetors were increased one size above stock. This resulted in a rich idle condition, but strong mid and high rpm. My next step will be to return the idle jets to the stock size.

On the same cut-off log he made the "Ford 200 3.3 straight six with dual weber 2 bbl". It is quite tall, effectively a Powerband style tunnel ram.



He's had it in his 1969 T code 200 notchback car running
Helpppp! haha

okay did not get a chance to touch this project last week to many life shinanigans.

I'm stuck on fabrication basically have all my pipe in place which is much thicker wall then tubing and no one sells pre bends for this so I can cut and weld the pipe so here are the options. again I'm working with 6063 aluminum pipe 1.3" OD 1" inner diameter so after so Much searching found one company that will bend me that pipe in a U bend with 6" center line radious and I made a model of that with paper so I could diagram exactly how many of those I need at a easy 124$a pop I will need three of them which is expensive but I can cut and welding fabricate from that .

no one else can bend this pipe for me /:

next option is buy readily available tube 1.25" od with .065" wall thickness which is half of my .122" thickness pipe but it would butt up to it for a weld but may log a little funky with two different size pipes and tubes on all bends bit I can order those you bend cheap er(25 a U bend but they are tighter radious so would still need 6-8 so this option is half the cost of option A but should get me the same result just not Aaron pretty.

I can till you now this is goin to be a 2000 dollar modified log. easily 500 in aluminum supplies, 1000 for machine work and welding and about 400+ for valve train gear.
still pressing forward with this build :banghead: working very hard on my car as well burning the midnight oil everyday. got a lot of money tied into this head design so be patient i am still pressing to finish it the month but likely October will uviel this 65 mustang and can't wait to see her run before the 50 year anniversary from 1965. so there's not a whole lot else to say till its done except this is not the cheapest way to do it. I think its best to work with the log in all honesty but I will not let this thread die.
still a long ongoing build but have had lots of time to work the head. custom bent mardrel auluminum pipe for the intake runners and lots of custom cut then fabricated aluminum so the hours are tolling but as far as custom intakes go building for any engine its been a long process especially on a 50 year old mustang. theres a lot of money in machine work and parts not to mention the rebuild of the head and its not a easy task being that its all a one piece deal no bolt on.

anyone have success machining 1.80 intakes on the early small log head? biggest ive done was the 1.75 on the mid 70s large log. can it be done with hardened seats inserted? I believe even the 1.75" is tough to get done on the 200 small log right?
Carbed i would do using CV motorcycle carbs. They dont need as long of a runner. Looked at spacing on a bank of some 750 bike carbs. Looked like remove one carb off say the third one of the 4. Number 2 on the other set looked like things were rather well lined up. Some models of these style carbs even have acclerator pumps.
I understand that but im just going for volumetric effciencies and single carburetor for reliability and a lot less tunning.

been hard at work on this with 100s of hours of engineering into this head plus years of my real world engineering. its all hi-grade aluminum custom thick wall pipe, madarel bent, cnc'd and a well confined under my pro stock hood all custom one of a kind and cost well into $3500+ for material and cost me a lot in my machine work and fabrication well over 400 hours into it of work. im very excited just waiting on the new valve gear once classic inlines is back in operation and i hope it makes one solid pass that everyone can see weather she blows or not ill have the news crews present. not to mention the hours spent making my custom combustion chamber timing events for my engine's valve train.

it could be some of the newest and latest trends in intake dynamics, and air flow physics technologies. the twin venturi fuel system is basically going to be tuned as close as it gets to port on port electronic fuel injection while using vintage era technology so it should be a real threat to drive!
im just in a big time restaint with serious surgeries im going into this week. lots of work to upkeep in the financial service sector at hand to keep my business running and keep clients satisfied. My mustang is a fully built super car it will defiantly get recognition im just trying to unvaile it and have serious deadlines on the build with sponsorship and its not easy to keep them on board when i cant keep my word as to when I was expecting parts so Ive already delayed a lot from this such as sponsors and flying out for scheduled meetings for my race car.

read up on my latest post in the performance 144-250 section there is so much great information in that thread from me and others. not in full detail of course because real racers cant give all the tricks away but everyone will see the end result as to what the machine will be capable of and ive got 10 years professionally working on classic fords which is 20% of the time they have been around over the last 50 years and also the time of the most advancements in the aftermarket and individual pro stock or super stock team builds so it is the sexiest paint schemes ive ever seen and should be gliding making 180mph passes in the 7 second range. heaviliy modified all stock i6 components with my metallurgy modifications to the longblock.
hard to in-vision for some.....well even once it is seen it would be difficult to duplicate or try to. kind of a one of a kind 50 year anniversary special for my 65 mustang super stock build.

fully forged from the shortblock to the hardened locks and retainers. rollerized transmission, custom front end and forged steering linkages and spindles. Pushed myself to the limits on this build to show my appreciation for the 50 year anniversary of the mustang this year so there should be some good racing ahead this year for me and my team.
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autoX65":rf5pqd64 said:
so when they say the log is the pinch point they are not talking about the intake design as the pinch point its really just the whole head is the pinch and is limited to low - mid range street use with small valves being the biggest pinch but the only really benefit I see to cutting off the intake is to port it and hopefully so to come get it on a dyno to see what it will do.
A straight runner has got to be better than a 90 corner. I am playing with the same thing waiting on my alloy head. My head with the most of the log cut off looks exactly like the posted pic.
I used pieces of 1 1/2 exhaust tubing -close to 1.4 ID. The pieces are cut from 90 deg bends with enough bend left to get about 11 degree runner. The curved end was worked rectangular on the curved end close to the port shape with about 2 in straight at the 11, deg. extending out. Used a filler-build material called "lab metal" to seat and seal the tube about 3/4 in. in the port, with a concave fillet on the outside for strength and looks. The log is 16 ga. sheet metal 3x6x2x6x20 in. The difference of one in. on the wall portion allows the bottom to follow the 11 deg incline of the runner and top to be level for the two barrel carb mounted between 3 and 4. The tubes 6 in long with flared ends enter at the bottom of the 3 in side and end 2 in from the 2 in side with 2 in sticking out the head side. 3 in sections of 1 1/2 radiator hose slips over the tubes and makes the connection. porting and valve mods-.060 milled all on 72 head.
Main point was to describe the lab-metal & radiator hose approach to this verses a machined-bolted-welded flange attachment approach. This leaves a bit of adjustment for fit.
The total runner length about 11 in with room for a bit of adjustment. Wonder how that comes out for RPM tuning on a 3rd wave??
Alloy head in route so this may take a back seat priority :unsure:
Haven't done pics, soo words will have to do.

any progress with your modified log myway?
as well i can be contacted at for anything relating to the engineering of this build, any sponsors who would like to participate in the project and upcoming super stock racing in the ford inline six vintage class as well as pro stock racing. or if you just want to collaborate on a build idea you have that is similar i would be glad to hear from you.
who wanna race me?

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