Linkage for 5200



It seems that there is many opinions about how to do the linkage on the 5200. I have a 65 fairlane with the push type throttle linkage. What is the recommended way to hook up the 5200? Thanks.
On my car, I use the 5200 and stovebolt adapter, which has the carb sideways, but the linkage is correct.

All you have to do is fabricate an "arm" about 3-4in long, and get a stud at the end because the stock arm isn't long enough.

I has a piece of aluminum lying around and it took me about 15min to make the linkage.
You don't have problems with fuel starvation? I looked all over your mustang pages and couldn't find anything about your carb.
I am working on a 5200 on my 62 fairlane and have the same push pull linkage. if you jet it right it will run ok. since the 5200 runs on only the primary on cruising just jet that normal and set up the secondaries a little lean to account for the fuel slosh. just mount the carb sideways and everything should bolt up ok.

My only concern with jetting lean is I plan to run NAAAAWZ. It is not an immediate item but one for the near future. Just a 75 shot.
I haven't put pictures of the carb setup yet. I will probably today.

I think the fuel starvation issue is related to float levels. Also, it's something that people talk about, but I only recall one person every posting an issue about.

I set my float level up to stock, and I've never had a problem with starvation. I also had my carb tuned with an 02 sensor and my fuel mixture levels are right on!