All Small Six mild 200 rebuild - still dialing in - timing questions

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Thanks again, wakjob!
I´m going to take things step by step, including re-gapping my plugs, re-checking timing and the TDC mark, installing a fuel pressure regulator and an AFR gauge, and revisiting my basic jetting setup. As I compare my numbers with yours and others I´ve found on this site (see attached), I feel there´s a lot of adjusting to be done prior to drilling a flapper.
Not ruling that out, and i´m encouraged by your recommendation, but first things first. I´m hoping the AFR will be my friend.
I´m in Kearney, Nebraska at around 2200 feet with heat and some humidity. I travel a lot to Denver (5300 ft. and dry) and to Des Moines (1000 ft. and swampy), so I hope getting this dialed in will allow for both with minimal adjusting between the two. Again, I´ll be depending on the AFR to see what adjustments will be needed, whether its simply turning the mix screw or changing out a main (especially if I head to the mountains). But all of that´s down the road, so to speak.
I´ll be checking out those vids!


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yeah, drillin holes would B the last for me...