Need help: Someone OFFY 3x1V


Okay...I just need one piece of information. Anyone know the clearance of the carbs with the hood? If you have it, can you measure from the bottom of the head to the top of your highest carb air cleaner? I just want to make sure my set up will work. Thanks.


I will measure it tonight for you when I get home. I can tell you though that my front air cleaner rubs on teh underside ribbing of the hood. So there is not very much clearance at all.

I have 3 of these rubber K&N look-a-like thingies so it does not do any damage, but if was using somethign harder in material (like the oval air cleaner you are thinking of using) it would be aproblem.

You want me to measuer from the top of the offy amnifold to the hood also?


That would be great. I'm using the Autolite 1100s, so they are a little shorter then the Webers...but I'm just curious. Thanks

I did a side by side mock up with my stock set up...the offy set up (with my air cleaner) is about 1/2" higher in the front, 3/4-1" higher in the back then the stock 1v and air this enough?

You are right the webers are a little higher.

I snt you a pm but I'll get the measurements in about 2 hours for you.