Performance on a 79 mustang?



:eek: I have a need for at least some speed

My 1979 mustang is a ghia model with a 200 inline six with a C4 transmission and is my baby. I am a senior in high school and am tired of driving one really fast looking slow car. It is like the reverse of a sleeper. I bought it this summer for 700 dollars, at the time it was a good deal. It is Red and Black with a near perfect body and paint and was that way when I bought it.

After about three months of driving it I replaced the thermostat after it stuck and overheated. The heater core blew and I bypassed it. Not a fun job to do right. I replaced the ignition switch and had to rewire the radio. Then the tranny would no longer go into drive so me and my dad rebuilt it and now it works fine. Now the engine is getting tired too. Smoke comes out the dipstick hole b/c the bypass is so bad. Now it is time to overhaul the thing because it is worthless the way it sits.

I have a wrecked 1986 capri with a 4 cylinder stick (R,N,1,2,3,4) is that a t-5? Will it bolt directly to the inline six? What is the best rear end to get a good take off but not be to high revving as a driver? What is the best way to make the 6 come alive without taking out some kind of loan? What is the best way to use nitrous oxide, I know it is cheating but I need something to get it to move. The way it was was the six with a C4 and 2.73 gears. Sorry for all the questions I just want to do it right and have it reliable to cruise with this summer and at least beat some of the ricer imports. Thanks Again.

Most people tell me it needs a v8 but I don't want the work of changing the k-member and at a car show a v-8 is a dime a dozen, while a hopped up six is almost never seen.

I think that you may have found your answer. The Capri should have a World Class T5 in it. You didn't say if it had a 5th gear though. When did they quit making Capri's anyway :unsure:

Because that tranny is from a 2.3L, it has a super steep 3.97:1 1st gear. This will be perfect with your stock 2.73 gears. Your hardest obstacle will be clutch linkage. The 2.3L bellhousing won't work and neither will a 302 bellhousing. I don't see how you could adapt a cable clutch to the earlier bellhousing. A custom hydraulic system is all I can think that could work. Anyone got any other ideas?

A mild rebuild, balanced internals, ARP harware, get the compression up around 9:1, and try to get rid of what emmissions equipment you can get away with. Address the carburetion issue, do some work on the head, and 150-160HP with a 5 speed would make for an easy and fun car to drive. No 5'oh killer, but who wants a cookie cutter V8 ;)
The tranny is only a R,N,1,2,3,4 and thats why I have had no idea what it was.

If you have an 86 with a 4 speed there is a good chance it is the German trans. IIRC RAD4 aka Hummer. It is not a performance transmission. And I do not know if the bell is the same yet. I have a 2.3L T-5 bellhousing off a 84 Turbo 2.3L but havent pulle engine to compare.

Except for the engine and the front K-member all the parts are stock Mustang. ANY suspension or body mod will work.

All Fox body 200 I6 Stangs should be a C4 auto trans.

I am building a 1980 Mustang Ghia hatch with a 200I6 that is red on top and black below. I have a 3.45:1 rear end from junkyard 90LX that is going in

The motor I am building is gonna pull close to 200hp so mine should move about in a very sporting manner. It is faster out of the hole at a stoplight due to the inline six's excellent low end torque. Read up on post for engine mods and visit the Falson Performance six website to get more info. Basically add a bigger carb like a Holley 5200 2bbl, hipo cam around 260 deg. and a header. If you cant go with a header at least go with a high flow exhaust. I went to a dual outlet exhaust modelled off the Mustang SVO and it was definately a noticeable difference. Keep the C4 and put a shift kit in it. And get rid of the 2.73:1 rear end and get at least a 3.08 geared rear. I would go with a 3.27:1 if you can find one.

Good luck. And remember it not imprtant if your not the fastest, its how good you look getting there :)
if you want a reliable ride, i'd stay away from nitrous. the mods to do it alone are a killer. plus the chance of doin' serious internal damage is there if somethin' goes wrong. i've never used it myself, but have heard some horror stories. but if you have to have it, find someone on the forums who has used it. nothin' like first-hand knowledge, after all. also, the nice thing about your ride is the parts available. nothin' like a good aftermarket to build a cool car! :D
Not only does my car need to look good it also needs to sound like it will rip up the car beside me. :eek:

I was wondering what might make the six sound the best once it is done. I have considered sidepipes as something different than most but I wonder what the sound might be like. I was running a turbo muffler and that was pretty good. I know this is a preference question but I hate to do jobs more than once. :LOL:

Thanks I appreciate the help ;)
I agree mostly with anlshac11 . I might go with a 3.73 gear if you are looking for a hole shot. C4 automatic will be in the Fox body. A comp cam 260H will give your engine a lopping sound, with duel turbo's it will give you the sound you are looking for. I have the dynomax turbo's. I as of yet not been able to find headers for a 200 six for the Fox body. If any one knows of where they may sell them I sure would like to know. Shaving the head for more compression and going to a larger carb should get where you want. A 1979 Mustang Ghia is the model and year Mustang I was searching for when I went looking for a Mustang to buy. I wanted something between 79-83. I settled on a 82 GLX. Very happy with it. Never could locate a 79 Mustang. You should be happy with not going to extreme with the performanc of you car with the above mentioned things.
Clifford Performance part #53-2600 sgl. outlet or 53-0368 dual outlet. Ask OZ Coup if the header he imports will fit. Russell

I asked him about it but didnt get a reply so Im guessing he was trying to find out or didnt know.

According to Clifford they list a single outlet that is supposed to fit a 78 Fairmont with 200 I6. Mustang and Fairmont are both Fox platforms so it should work.
dragula":1druuyvj said:
I am a senior in high school and am tired of driving one really fast looking slow car. It is like the reverse of a sleeper.

I know the feeling. Just drive sideways, and people will think its fast. :LOL: Worked for me. :eek:

This thread got me to start looking up info on the fox 3.3s(getting kind of interested). I found this webpage:
I noticed the N/A 2bbl 2.3 has more hp than the 1bbl 3.3. Why would Ford do such a thing?!! Who would even buy the 3.3 then? Just Curious.

I like the idea of a modded I6 in a fox. There's some quick classic 200s in here. Just think about the same engine pushing the smaller body. :eek:
Hey Dragula:

I got more power out of my 81 Mustang by replacing the 200 motor with a 250 motor. It wasn't easy considering I had to fabricate a rear sump oil pan as Ford did not make one for a 250 engine at all.
I too have a C-4 tranny (with a 2500 stall converterand shift kit) in mine but will be replacing it with a T-5. The hardest thing for me to find was a manual flywheel for the 250, but I found one.

Anyway, in 79 all six cylinders came with a C-4 for auto trannys and the infamous SROD 4 sp. for manual trannys.
Ford repalced the 4 sp. with the 5 sp. in and around 1984-1985.
So your 86 Capri should have the 5 speed unless it was replaced before you got the car.

The other guys answering this post are right about rear gear selection.
3:45 to 3:73's are good. My 81 has the 3:27 set which I might change after the T-5 swap.
Clifford does make a header for that application. Good Luck :D

:) Thanks for all your guys help and time

For one more question, I was wondering what would be better as my trannsimission. If the 4 speed is in fact an SROD which I beleive it is, what would be the better tranny. The 4 speed or the C-4 with a shift kit. I was wonering in regaurds to performance, and reliability. I am 17 so I'll probably beat the hell out of it driving. :eek:

I've hears some bad things and good things about the SROD.

I would appreciate the help.
:unsure: I guess I was wrong on the year of the capri

I had always thought it was a 1986 but I checked the title and it is in fact a 1985 sorry for any confusion this had caused but I got as a parts car and guess I just had the wrong year.

Sorry bout that :x