performence increase???



how much of a performence increase do you think??

1.) 200,000 mi
2.) vertually no thrust bearing :oops:
3.) bad pistion rings :x
4.) choke not working :(
5.) bad passenger side motor mount

1.) 0 mi on rebuild
2.) brand new dished pistions
3.) bored .30 over
4.) 250 cam
5.) a complete rebuild on the head with bigger valves
6.) hopefully a fixed choke.. :roll:
7.) new fuel pump, oil pump
8.) new passenger side engine mount
9.) and of course i completly clead and lubed everything(my dad did most of the engine building i did most of the cleaning.)

now of cource i know its gonna run like 10 times better manly because of the bad thrust bearing and the rings and motor mount but how much of a power increase would you guess??? i think im gonna guess about 20-30 more because it will run like a champ!!