Pictures of my Offy and dual exhaust



Well lets see if I can get this to work...


Dang it, How do I insert pictures?
Colorado66":2yjfnttc said:
Dang it, How do I insert pictures?
:D You email them to RogueS and ask nicely. He's got a lot of free beers to collect when reaches legal drinking age. ;)
Sent them to RogueS and he said he woudl graciously host them for me.

THe engine bay is nto the cleanest and I took the pics under flourescent lights so the blue looks a little odd, but it shoudl give everyone an idea.

I promised my wife it would be running before our first baby was born, smile and just barely made it!

Bill ... mfront.jpg
Mufflers.jpg ... omleft.jpg

Got rid of the spaces in the names, other than that, still all the same
Pix look great, I particularly like the fuel supply lines. I was curious if the outboard carbs shut down completely on idle. I have read about shutting off the idle circuits to help low RPM problems. Also is there a HP cam?
I have been following the Offy tri power threads as I think this is the coolest modification done to the SB6's. Yoursetup is very close to what I'm planning for my fun ride.
Powerband 8)

Thanks for the comments. Th fuel system is actually just set up so that I could get it to run. I will most likely change it so that the runners going to each carb are not so long.

THe outer carbs don't completely shut off, the butterfly just closes. I have not really had any problems at low RPMs and the tunablility of the Webers has been great. The only problem I have had is one of the outer carbs sticking open a little bit, but with some tinkering I was able to change that.

There is no cam in it, the following is what has been done:

Offy Triple with Webers
Minor Head work
Port Divider
Dual out header
2 inch dual Exhaust with Flowmasters
Mallory Unilite Dizzy with mechanical Advance
Mallory Coil matched to the Dizzy
3.03 # speed from a 289 car
3.20 rear end

and ofcourse all new gaskets, ARP bolts etc.

I am more than happy to answer any questions anyone has.


I just bought some springs from the local hardware store to help the outer carbs close fully when not used. I'm not sure how it will effect Pedal movement as it is not in the car yet, but it does return the butterflys to the closed position.


yeah i ust had to lube up the linkage a bit more.

The springs I use to bring the center carb back are very similar to the stock set up.

OOOOHHHHH thats real pretty! I like that setup, your giving me some great ideas!!