Pitman Arm



Iam changing from manual steering to power steering in an xe, but Iam having trouble removing the pitman arm from the sector shaft is there a special way or tool I need to seperate this two

Thanks Joip
You need a Pitman arm puller. And a BFH, and a coffee pot. Take the nut off, attach the Pitman arm puller, crank it up. Go and have a coffee. Come back and whack the exposed side of the arm with the BFH.

Repeat process until either it comes off easily, or you are so full of caffeine, you rip it off barehanded.

The puller is quite cheap.

Cheers, Adam.
I hate to be pulling pitman arms off for a living but I got it of and I didnt swear one word lol, took out the manual steering box and put the power steering box in, I had to undo the steering column to get it in, when i went to try and bolt the steering colomn back up with the steering box the steering column doesnt match back up to where its sup to bolt up its out by nearly an inch, is the power steer column shorter or have I made a mistake, power steering box came out of an xe and is going in to an xe

Thanxs Joip
I replaced my XE ps pitman arm with two different types, and I don't use ANY special tools bar these two:-

1. A big steel crow bar 6 ft long, hexanagonal section, and with a large wedged end on it. It weighs 30 pounds!

2. Disc grinder (small 75mm, with a cage so that my fingers don't get sliced off!)

The safe procedure for this was to firstly take the bolt off the pitman arm, pour CRC, penetrating oil, siliva and incantations acording to you faith on it, and then open the bonnet and gently belt the top of the pitman arm with that heavy bar. Poor begger if you have an EFI or V8. If, after 5 minutes of stress free belting it doesn't come free, then use the disc to gently ring bark the arm falcrum to well before the spline. Add more CRC, then it should break free with some gentle smacks. Lotsa fun if your patient. Your mates think your a bit strange, but I still have fingers and a removed Pitman!

PS... don't use Tiwanese pitman arms. Some are indexed 1/8 of a turn out, and have hopeless quality control. Mine had more slack after changing it that the Inspection Authority gave my vehicle a defect notice AFTER I added a new one. Yeh, it was torqued up to spec!
You may have to tap your colapsible steering shaft back up into the shaft by about 1/2 an inch. Dont forget a wheel alignment as I believe castor is set different for manual to p/steer. It may become too light on the highway.