Pleasant engine surprise today...some questions


I finally started to re-install my valves on my head. Is it a problem using the original retainer locks? The ones that came with my comp cams kit is not the right size.

I'm also reusing my original intake valves, but new exhaust this a problem since I'm not having the valve seats recut or anything? SHould I use my old exhaust valves too?

Now to the pleasant surprise. While re-installing, I looked at my old head to get some idea what the springs should look like. The old rocker arm is actually ann adjustable rocker arm and had the proper cupped pushrods. I guess I should re-install the adjustable rockers, right?

Thanks for the help.

8) you should have no problem reusing the original retainers and keepers as long as they are in good shape. take a close look at the retainers, they should not be chewed up. the keepers should not be cracked.