Progressive 2V carb ???


I'm familiar with the Holley 5200 and 6200...

But do you guys know of any other progressive 2V carbs, and are they mechanical or vac secondary?

Stovebolt has had a Holley 2305 2V which he states is a progressive, I've never seen one, but he does know his stuff, if he says he got them, then he does! When I last spoke to him he said he had them in 350 cfm and 500 cfm models, sorry I don't know if their vacuum or mech! You'll have to phone him as these carbs are not listed on his web site!
The Weber DGV is a progressive, mechanical secondary 2bbl carb.

Got a 350 CFM 2V Holley. Looks like half a 4V. Has two butterfly shafts primary and secondary, linkage is mechanical progressive. Some years ago catalog listed a vac secondary version. Threaded bosses on side of carb to use same vac pot as used on 4V vac secondaries. Mechanical choke, electric choke kit will fit.
New never ran, was going to use pair but my beloved son (sneaky) used one on his Mav when he went off to University.
Has shelf dust / surface corrosion, never even had gas in it, if interested make offer.
Toyota and probably some other imports used progressive 2v's right up until they went EFI in the late 80's. My 89 Yota's got an Aisin that's rated at something like 150 cfm. A pair would be a cool way to feed a ford six. A lot of emissions junk that needs to be removed, though.
The Aisin carb was used in dual carb form on 1.85 and 2.0 litre Astron 80 engines in British spec Colt Sigmas. Toyota used two of them in Corolla SR's with the little Hemi headed OHV 2K engines. Then there were a few Colt GTO's which had a non-slient shaft engine with Aisins. The Mazda 323 and Australian Ford Laser had twin-carbed 1.5 liter engines until 1985 in Aussie, New Zealand, Europe and Tiwan/Indonesia/Malasia. The US market may have had these cars named differently, or may not have had the twin carb variants like countrys that had no emission laws.
Can't think of any others, but I do have a Japanese Air cleaner book which lists all Jap cars known to man!

If Hogs have Jap carbs....It's been done before!
I had originally posted this query with my next 4.9 in mind...

I raise the question as I can't decide whether to to do a pair of progressive 2v carbs or a pair of side draft SU's...