Project Cobra Six has started


Well...last night I finally when to the basement and starting CobraSix. So far...just preliminary stuff. I started pulling apart the engine. I pulled the exhaust manifold, fuel pump, coil, and head from the engine last night.

One interesting thing about the head. All the bolts were 11/16ths except for one that was 3/4s? Could this be a problem? I did not check the hole on the block yet as I had to go make dinner.

Tonight's work includes pulling the water pump, timing cover, oil pan and oil pump, and the distributor.

Why is working on an old engine so theraputic?

I wish I new how to get a fully assembled engine in and out of my basement. Geez I hate winters.

Steve basement is walk in at my back is partially submerged. I just hate not having a garage to keep my car in.

Amen to the no garage comment! :devilish: If considered the addition a garage and workshop but money doesn't grow on trees, yet! Besides, I still want a backyard to mow and room for the neighborhood kids.