quad turbo



Any body ever tried for a quad turbo set up? Of course, it would probably be only for a race set up. I read in a car magazine that some drag racer had gone with quad turbos instead of NOS. Any of you guys thought about it for a inline six? Would it be practical? Would it be possible? Would the benifits be worth the trouble? Just a thought.
8) the only problem with going to 4 turbos on a 6 is balancing the exhaust flow to all of them. two turbos is easy because you have a single balance tube. if you want more than two turbos on a 6, then go with three. again tougher to balance exhaust flow than with two but much easier than with 4.
Why stop at 4...how about one Garret T2 per cylinder, and taking it to Bonneville Speed Weeks.

Seriously, a couple is all I'd contemplate. One is good enough, especially if you use N20 to make the turbo spool at low rpm. A truck turbo is cheap, and N20 use is a third what would be used in a non-turbo car with the same amount of power in N20 only.
I remember a landspeed record holder diesel semi....don't know if it was a Cummins , but it had 4 turbos a produced like 850+ a ran like 200 mph!!!! Now that's something!!! :shock:

Running six turbos sounds pretty interesting :D WOuld it be possible to run the exhasut off of one cylinder to each turbo in an attempt to balance everything out? It would take a fully custom set up probably, but is it possible? Not sure if it would be practical. Maybe you could even do away with portions of the intake manifold, and make a custom unit that has six turbos built into it sort of :D Just a thought. I don't know that much about turbos and how they work.
I believe that land speed record was a Dodge dakota with a 5.9 cummins in there....i saw it in a magazine, i cant rtemember waht it had, but it was veryt impressive....