Question for Doug ( Mustang Geezer)


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Hey Doug!!!! Have you ever tested the Offy triple intake on your engine????
I was curious on what was the best performance induction system for a highly modified EO headed 200 (like Doug's)Is it.... Carter 1BBl, Holley 350 2BBl, Holley 500 2BBL, OFFY TRI 1V, Triple Webers, Triple SU's , etc you get the idea. Also if anybody else has any comments please share them.

Nope....Never tried a triple on there Alex ;)

For all around best drivability, tuning issues, gas mileage, etc, the Carter YF (off a 300) was the best carb I've run so far.

The dual 1 bbl was the coolest looking, and the Holley 500cfm 2 Bbl has the best performance by far of any of them.

Obviously you know which one I'm going to keep ;) 8) 8)


lavron has it one his car. I'm putting it on this winter...I hope to test it in January on my existing engine while I finishi building my basement engine. I want to get the offy carbs tuned up before I try to break in the new cam on my engine in the basement.

I'll let you know when I do it.

Hey Doug, I wonder why your carb is set further to the back than center. I wonder if this poses any issues or keeps it from performing 100%

It sets back because I'm using the stock intake hole and one of the holes I drilled into the intake.

If I was to start over with just the plan of running a 2 Bbl I would have centered it on the intake.

I don't think it's slowing it down performance wise...plugs seem to be all the same color. :)