Questions about roller rocker install



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I was talking with the guy that put my 73 head on my 65 block (73 head was milled, etc) and when I did that installation I also installed an set of adjustable rocker arms from a 64 170. Since the junkyard didn't have the pushrods, I bought a set of clevite pushrods from NAPA.

Apparently, the guy was telling me that SOME of the pushrods aren't adjusted properly -- apparently there wasn't enough adjustment in the rocker arms to tighten them down completely - I guess a couple of them bottomed out at 1/4 turn past 0 lash.

Well, I'm not sure why that would happen - but the whole thing is making me want to get roller rockers (1.6 ratio would be great!), and get some new pushrods made.

So, my question is where to get them. I remember that someone here was building adjustable rockers and that he was building new pushrods as well. What would something like this cost and where can I go to get them?

:LOL: hi, i have a '70-170 head on a '75-250 block. i put adjustable rockers on it. i got a set of push rods for a '54-223 ford. i will be putting it together this week i will let you know how they fit. i also am thinking about getting a set of roller rockers. if these work and i get the rollers you can get these. i think you will have to change the lifters and push rods if you go with the full rollers...frank..
You got a choice. Roller tipped rockers or full roller rockers.

The Roller tipped rockers are made by one Gary of Rocker Arms Specialists and Mike(AzCoupe) might be getting some for sale.

The Full Roller rockers come from Down Under. They require some sort of special lifters and pushrods because the stock oiling system is eliminated when using the full roller rockers. Mike(AzCoupe) should be offering some.

As far as I can tell the main (and only worthwile?) difference is that the full roller rockers have bearings in the fulcrums along with the roller tips.
What is the ratio of the roller-tipped rockers? Are they a different ratio?

What about my bottoming out problem with the stock setup? Is it possible to get longer pushrods in the ball/socket design?
Roller fulcrums help a lot ... roller tips only do not .. a bit over idle RPM and the friction of the slider tip is over come and the roller tip and slider show no differance in performance (none you could see or feel) ... the roller tip can be a cause of rocker geometry nightmares though.