re-building the 1940



ok i was re-building my old 1940 carb and i was about half way through putting it together when i found that i was missing somthing. inside the carb rite next to the "big hole" there is a ball bearing that goes in a hole. and on top of that ball there is supposed to be a weight. now i dont remember seeing this weight in there in the first place but i cant find it!!! and there is not a new one in the re-build kit. does anyone know what peice im talking about?? and do you know if i can even get one? all it is is a little cylender weight that sits on top of this ball bearing. well thanks in advance for that help guys.

its number 61 on that website that shows the inside parts of the carberator. that really helps thanks for posting that now everyone can see what one im talking about.

If it doesnt come with the rebuild kit, your only option is to find a used carb and rob one out of that. None of the parts are available new from Ford anymore..... :cry: :cry:

Good Luck!

i dont suppose you have a old 1940 or know anyone that does that would be willing to send me one do you? i would really apretiate it. thanks for your help.

you know mustang geezer your a great guy. i really apretiate all the help you have given me and others in the past. its really great that you sare your knowlege with us :LOL: thanks.