Rebuilt 1100



I just had my Autolite 1100 rebuilt for my 170.I am going to install tomorrow.Do I have to glue the new gasket or just place it?Also,do I have to prime the carb in any way?

I never glued any carb gaskets make them harder to remove. I have also been using the same gasket on my 170 for two years (carb has been off maybe 10 times at least) as far as priming you should be fine. there should be fuel in the pump and filter so after a couple revs you should have fuel in the bowl. you should be good to go.

8) you should never glue carb gaskets in place as the fuel usually attacks the adhesive and causes even more problems.
Nope, no glue. But, I usually clean the fuel line before I put on a new carb. I guess it is just habbit. While the fuel line is disconnected from the carb put a empty bottle at the opening of the fuel line and have someone turn the ignition. If some dirt fell into the line while the carb was off the engine this will clear it out. Also remember to clean the vacumm passage out on the heater spacer plate.
I am having my carb rebuilt as we speak. These tips will help.
:( i would like yo rebuild my carb, but not a clue what it is. the two i have seen, one is tall and the other one is long. i have the long one. it is on a 73' grabber 250 6 cyl. auto with air and power steering. have a pic. but don't know how to post it. any help would be nice. thank you ...frank...
I have two spares,one tall and one long, also. The tall one ended up being a motorcraft...the long one...well, it seems to be an autolite 1100...rebuilt by ToMoCo..

if you have picts, put them up here.People here are SO knowledgeable

or you can take it to your local carb shop and ask which is better (and they can tell you what is what). If you are going to rebuild yourself, ignore the sales pitch...

hey, try They have some rebuilt carbs